Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feeding the brain

Mind fucks of the moment

Having your brain screaming at you EAT EAT EAT and you know dame well your not hungry.

Fighting within yourself, having your brain tell you its alright, tomorrow is another day you can eat clean then.
Hearing the food in the fridge calling you.
Having the television showing add after add of mouth watering hot crisp food.
The pepsi max bubbling away to drink it, let me get in your mouth and I'll show you what a party is.

You would KILL to have that piece of KFC or whopper with onion rings.
That piece of cake in the fridge dripping in cream and icing.
The 2L tub of ice cream in the freezer with chocolate topping..............

That emotional high with the first mouth full that lasts a total of 2 seconds because you turn into some totally fucking animal, ripping apart your food, swallowing mouth fulls without even chewing properly so your brain gets feed.  10 minutes later your sitting there, on the brink of tears cause you know that you didnt need to eat that fat, calorie saturated cardboard food and your stomach grumbles in protest.  You look down and you look like you 20 months pregnant with twins and then your bowels start to protest the plastic food you just inhaled.......

Lets face it its not the stomach that wants it..your brain is telling you what to do.

Ive been fighting this mo-fo all day.
I have yummy lamb chops that were cooked on the  BBQ yesterday yelling at me.
Shit I almost caved and put the kids in the car to drive them to Macca's justify it to myself that Id buy a $2 salad and a $2 pop corn chicken on top.

Nope big 

Kids had home made toasted cheese sanga's with some banana's and apples.  I had a wrap with avocado, tuna and baby spinach leaf's. OH and 2 glasses of water to wash it down.

Yeah take that brain...fuck you and your needs to eat shit.  Fuck you and making me over think what to eat.  Fuck you and fighting me over this. 

I wear the panties in the house NOT YOU!!!!

1 comment:

  1. just remember the bio-chemical shit-storm thats is that "food like substance"

    Remember how good real fresh raw food tates... the clean fresh taste of creamy avo and the delicious taste of fresh cut tomato with cracked pepper on it....

    you got this kid.
    Love ya xxx