Friday, January 18, 2013

Naked truth

To be able to find your feet, find your purpose you need to strip away the baggage and camouflage.

Ever looked in the mirror and thought my god what am I thinking, I don't like ......
yeah you get my point.

One thing I have learnt from the past year is to except me for me. 
Amazing how much, one lady with a plan (yes Michelle Bridges I'm  talking about you) helped me not just physically but mentally.

I have for far to long tried to be someone I'm not to make others comfortable and happy.  Always placing other peoples happiness before my own only to have friendships dissolve because I never spoke the truth about how they saw me, about what I truly felt at certain times. 
In the process I've taken away my inner happiness, losing who I truly and who I want to be.
I critised myself, my appearance my body and mind for far to long.  
Losing myself to the depressing state of mist that became of me.

Today I decided to take away the layers, take away the obstacles and see who I really am.

I am a woman with a drive for life.
Health and well being for myself has become a very big priority.
I may not have the perfect, sculpted body, I have saggy bits, wrinkles and huge feet.
But I have self love, self esteem and new found lust for life.
I hold my head high when I walk because I am happy with the beauty that I see and feel around me.
I may not be attractive for some, there would be quiet a few people out there who would find my pictures disgusting but you know what, those people can own that. 
And honestly - I don't care.  

I am me.

I wont have the perfect flat belly that so many strive for.
I wont have the perfect perk boob's of a 16 year old.
Stretch mark's cover my body
But for me
Its my bodies journal
Each note and mark reminding me of how I got to where I am now.
The events that changed my life
Sometimes for the bad, sometimes for the good.
The memories of a life time 

No greater book can be written.

I love me



  1. oohhh.... BLISS !!! SOO much love for this post xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Maz,
      Truly awesome post beautiful lady. You should hold your head up high, this is everything to do with you and really has nothing to do with Mish. Mish can give you the tools but you chose to use them, no one else. You wanted this change and you have changed yours and your families life for the better.
      I so resonate with everything you say, as I too have always put everyone else happiness first and then to be left hurting. I have been working on shedding the judgements, mainly I have had of myself given to me by others I guess. So I have been looking in the mirror everyday. At first yes I was horrified but I soon realised I walk around naked everyday at home. My family see my inner beauty on the outside and I had to see it too. My boobs might be shaggy but they have given life to my four children. My belly flaps when I do burpees and box jumps at the gym, but it made those gorgeous people in my life. So who really cares if I have to wear support pants and pull my boobs up into my bra? No one my husband still kisses, cuddles me and grabs my boobs everyday. Every wrinkle, every stretch mark has history and is all part of who I am, shows both the bad and good things that happened in my life. Only this morning I said to my hubby, I have a little scar there under my belly, I had no idea how it got there it had been hidden so long, probs 20 yrs. Hubby looked at me 'the scar was from the laparoscopy you had for infertility investigations' Wow it was, how we forget but that was a very important part of my life and a change.
      Once you shed the beliefs that we may or may not have for ourself from the judgements that people might make about us. It frees us to be just who we are meant to be, and feel that unconditional love.
      The photo Maz is truly gorgeous ..... Love it :)

    2. I do think it does have something to do with Michelle hun. While I totally agree with what you have said, wanting change, the willpower, the drive, its been her program, her guidance has gotten me to the mind space I have now. There have been times where I wanted to run and hide in the corner and never get up again....BUT I read over and listened to preseason and got back into it. Words of a wise person help in the darkest times ;)

  2. This is brilliant Maz. Absolute truth. I love it very much.

  3. Beautiful, brave and inspiring!

  4. I see you. And in you I see a lot of me. Thank-you for being so much braver that I am and sharing your beauty with us all. For you are truly beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful photograph. A thousand words cannot describe...

  6. crying here. Happy for you, and hopeful for me. I will get to this place of acceptance too. I am so proud of you Maz, and so thankful that you have been bought into my life <3

  7. This photo is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with all of us