Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rewarding one's self

So many peep's reward themselves with something when they reach a specific weight milestone.  A celebration of what was and what is now. Some buy themselves Pandora, new clothes, a facial or treat themselves to a mini get away.

I weighed in yesterday at 100.3kg's ....  700grams off 100kg's and 700 grams off me having lost 30kg's since I began this new life.

Now whilst other's treat and buy themselves the above mentioned items I rewarded myself in an entirely different way.

I donated 500ml of my blood, for the first time.

Yeah I know I can hear people saying, what a friggen idiot...that's not a reward but let me explain my madness.

In the past I have been told that I have bad vein's, that they collapse easily and that I will never be able to give blood.  Totally and utterly due to my unhealthy lifestyle.  I ate high sugar, salty, over fried foods that didn't nourish my body.  I drank heavily and filled my body with cigarette smoke as well.

Today I was told although I have deep vein's, I have very juicy and great one's.  My blood flow was really fast and no issues what so ever with finding the vein in my arm.  The poor lady had me as her first patient and my vein decided to go deep so someone else was called and my right arm was then used.  Vein found, first pop.  Its a huge reflection on how well I have been treating my body with eating correctly and exercising. There is no way out of cheating it, no way of disguising the truth.  
How great of a reward is that?

Normally I have had to have an XL cuff placed on my arm due to the size of I almost started crying when the nurse placed the cuff on me, overlapping it to fit.  She looked at my puzzled and asked if I was alright.  I just grind like a foul and explained how much weight I had lost and this my reward.  She was smiling from ear to ear and hugged me.  I never felt so warm and gooshy in my life.  I later heard her talking to another donor explaining why I was there.  They both looked over to me smiling and the donor gave me the thumbs up.

Sitting on the seat was lovely :)  I actually had room on either side of my thighs to put my hands instead of my bum flopping over and trying to digest it like it use to.  Its a weird feeling when the little things get you high...its like you've been in fog for so long and all of a sudden there's a clear patch.  

Most of all, knowing that my donation might help save someone in need is the ultimate reward of all.  I'm a bit of a secret squirrel with doing things...alot of my friends know what I'm like and for me, to be able to donate anonymously is just....well its just like Christmas for a 5 year old. 
There is no greater gift to give in my eyes.

Now...I have to think of something just as awesome and full filling for my next goal reward.  
Luckily I have plenty of time to think of it, its still 20kg's away....if you do have any idea's, 
feel free to post below 



  1. What an awesome gift to yourself, and to know that you will be helping many others with your simple donation! Good on you Maz!!! And congrats on your 30kgs

  2. I'm sitting here in tears and goosebumps. You're such a special soul Maz. I felt like i was there along side you at your donation today. What a wonderful world we live in with people like you making a difference not only to yourself but others.
    You in your-self are a reward to others on a similar journey.

    Light & Love to you my friend. And thank you for making me smile and cry today for all the right reasons

    Much Love

  3. So proud of you maz! You rock babe!

  4. Congrats on both accounts Maz :)