Wednesday, January 23, 2013

27 dresses

You know the movie...the chick is always the bridesmaid, running around for everyone else whilst she's ignoring her own feelings and insecurities.
This week saw me struck down with gastro. Thank god it was only 24 hours but WOW the DOM's from that have stayed with me big time.
I asked my eldest if he could grab me a DVD to watch in bed cause knowing dam will if I got up, Id have a trail or offal behind me.
In he comes with 27 dresses.  LOVE LOVE LOVE (yes he is son of the week at the moment)

I stupidly have this thing in my head when I'm watching a chick flick about comparing it to my own life. And before you say, yes i know its 'make believe' but it makes me think alright. #stickstongueout

Movie - me  (you'll get the picture)

Single woman, no kids  - married mum to 4
High profile career - casually employed and runs own business
Insecure -  content and happy
Wanting love - living married bliss (even after 13 years)
Using friends - awesome friends

Always the Bridesmaid - Only the Bride

Then this scene got me!!!!

I pissed myself.

I just thought how friggen funny.  For years my wardrobe consisted of over sized unstylish sacks from the PLUS size range, which I might add the designers have NO FRIGGEN IDEA!!!! Seriously what over sized lady wants to wear a crop friggen top with short shorts??? FUCK NO!!!!!  AND in saying that being bigger doesn't mean we're shorter int eh body, we need LENGTH people, length so that our tops don't sit above our gunt and make it a  table runner for our stomach. We may be big but it doesn't mean we like to flaunt it. grrr enough Maz #slapsface, rant over!!!

I always wanted a closet full of pretty dresses.  One's that were big, bright, flouncy and beautiful but most off all fitted without thinking crap their goes the zipper whilst trying to put it on.

These were my dressy clothes. 

I never said anything but I use to look at my friends who wore gorgeous dresses and their perfect hair with envy.  I was happy for them but inside all I wanted was to be happy and comfortable like them.  

One thing I silent promised myself was that I would buy myself a pretty dress when they would fit me.  First one I bought was hot pink.  I nervously took it out of its package and sat holding it for ages, scared shitless off what I had done.  I dont wear dresses especially a fucking pink one.  Pink wasnt my colour...what the hell was I doing??!!!  Putting it on the zipper didnt quiet do up.  Yep I felt a bit deflatted BUT hung the dress in my wardrobe with a promise to myself that I would fit into it, sooner then later.

 This is said pink dress, boobs squished in - back in April 2012 when the zipper finally did up 

This is same pink dress, with a beach towel stuffed into the boob area to keep it up
(excuse hair pits)

Ive since bought dresses for finale's and on whim's which hang in my wardrobe whispering, wear me, wear me.  I dont have the occasion's to go out for a fancy meal with hubby to wear one of them but every now and then, they come out to play to help me realise how far Ive come since that pink dress.
Dressing up it lots of fun, especially when there have been dresses in the collection that were to small to squeeze into and all of a sudden the swish about you with room.  I recommend it to anyone. My confidence is boosted, I feel pretty and its a friggen fantastic way to take away any blues you have.

Life just gets better and better every day.


  1. hahahahaha I'm loving "ballerina" Maz!!! You sexy bitch

  2. Crazy bitch lol. Love ya xox

  3. Great photos - look forward to reading more of your blog posts :)

  4. You are flipping sensational Maz.