Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12 in 2012

Inspired by a gorgeous gal who always seems to make my heart smile.

Kirsty recently posted 12 awesome, positive and arse kicking things she accomplished in 2012.  This woman amazes me with her heart, her ability to get up and GO and most of all, the selfless love and friendship she gives.

Kirsty honey - this is for you...these are my 12 for 2012.

1.  Stopped eating salty, takeaway food.  It wasn't easy, I lived for Fridays but I had to make a stand.  Takeaway night changed to homeawaynight...were we made our own healthy versions of the food we use to pay over the top prices for and over the top fat to my arse for.

2.  May of this year saw me get on a Train heading for Melbourne to celebrate the end of Round 1 - 2012 with an awesome finale.  I had an absolute ball at the work out, meeting Michelle was quiet overwhelming and my normal big mouth self was lost for words.

I felt so out of my comfort zone that night dressed up.  I'm a tracky and singlet sort of gal and here I was with my boob's around my throat, hair done and makeup to the hilt.....I made a silent exit after all the announcements and went back to my hotel room relieved that it was over but over the moon that I got the ball's to go.

3.  I began to feel confident again and even began working casually in June.  I am still working at the same place and love that I feel like I'm not only contributing to my families needs, I feel human again and with more purpose then just being a mum.  The girls I work with are awesome and the bosses are amazing.  I cant believe I have been there over 6 months already

4.  June saw me going to the Gold Coast with a beautiful bunch of woman who mean the world to me. I went out, drank, sang karaoke and had a friggen blast all in my 3 inch heels, all night!!!!  I am HANGING for this June to do it all over again with them.

5.  After alot of soul searching I found that I needed to be honest to me and decided to clear away the negative friendships that had poisoned my system over the last few years.  At first I thought I had made the wrong decision but after a week I felt the relief as the weight of their bullshit was cleared and never to be heard by me again.

6.  I lost almost 30 friggen kg's!!!!!!  Can you believe that shit cause I still cant!!!!!

7.  My relationship with Jed has heated up a few notches to say the least.  We are more open to each other's needs, talk so much more then we use to and simply, just have a ball when were are together.  I couldn't of done the last 12 month's without his support and love.

8.  I didn't have to get the extension strap for my seat belt on the plan in November.  In fact I had to tighten the bastard.  Can you believe that!!! Please note HOT looking Peggy black milk leg's and size 16 mini skirt #cheesiegrin

9.  Whilst in Sydney I faced quiet a few fears.  One was my enormous fear of heights and bridges....I did both in one 3 hour session.  I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge...in the rain...on a cold windy night.  I will never forget the feeling I had doing it.  I shat myself so much before getting in to the prep room, my HRM was 125 sitting down but once up there, I was king of the world.  I burnt a massive 1700 calories in that 3 hour stint

10.  I attended the finale workout and after party for round 3 and partied like I haven't in ages.  I drunkenly danced the night away, took lots of photo's, photo bombed other's pictures (as you do).  I laughed, hugged and sang my heart out with so many awesome woman that night.  I clapped and teared up to those wonderful woman on stage who worked their arses off and achieved so much.

11.  I found my running feet....ohhh mee ohhh my how I loved the freedom and the feeling of it.  I began the 10km running program on the 12MBT and was loving it, until I face planted fairly badly.  My ego wasn't pushed down, my confidence was though and my ability to get over the pain defently was.  I'm still suffering now, my knee wont allow me to run far (yes I've tried) but I am not giving up.  I refuse to let it get the better of me.

12.  Most important thing I have learnt and gained for 2012.  To love and respect myself.  To listen to what my heart says and go with it.  Not to be tied down to one thing and let the wind take me with it.  Life is far to short for the what could of been's...it should be about what can be and what you can do.

What will 2013 - 13 bring?  I have a few things up my sleeve and I cant wait for them to present themselves to the universe.


  1. Love it Babe!!! So Friggin Proud Of YOU!!!

  2. Love this, gorgeous lady. You have done so much - you should be bloody proud of yourself xoxo Can't wait to party hearty with you in Brisbane, lady!!

  3. Trippin me out Maz! I thought you were talking about me! lols

  4. You are amazing maz. Here's to a wonderful 2013 for you

  5. Oh Maz... I am forever grateful to 2012 and 12wbt/EA for bringing you into my life. Here's to another kickass year for both of us xxx