Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One year healthiversary

I did it!!!

I got through my first year.

In YOUR faces all of you who said I wouldn't get here
In YOUR face to those who were super negative and sabotaging
Yes ME!!
I was my own worst enemy.  I talked myself out of this so many times and then talked myself back into it 5 times more.  I got up and made myself get up and get off my arse when my inner baddy said sit back, relax there are other ways.
I made myself go out and work harder when I allowed those extra unhealthy things into my body.

my starting stats back in round 1 were
chest - 120.5cm
waist - 117cm
hips - 137cm
left and right leg each - 75cm
left and right arm each - 40cm

my starting stats for round 4 are
chest - 109cm
waist - 95cm
hips - 121cm
left and right leg each - 63 cm
left and right arm each - 35cm

A total lost so far of 
11.5 plus 22 plus 26 plus 24 plus 10


I began on this date...27th of December weighing in at 
today I weigh




I remember taking the picture on the left thinking what the hell am I doing.  I need to make myself accountable.  I was very quiet with what I was doing initially.  I didn't want anyone knowing in case I fell back and into my own habits, this way I only had my own chastising to contend with and not the mouths of others saying ha ha.
It took me a while but in March I came out of my fat closest and started sharing pictures with those I trusted.  Sadly some of those who I did share with did take the initiative to hurt me commenting how I'm not afraid to prance around on FB in my undies when I'm scared of showing my arse in a dress.
Another bent coat hanger thrown out into the recycling and another free space in my fat closet #wink wink
I recently found the same singlet in my Mount Foldmore and decided for shits and giggles to put it on.
I was totally blown away...holly shit balls batman it fit me.....but it was now a sack. 

Here I was thinking my nork's have never changed...pffft bullshit my friends.  

Just cause I love flashing them in my underwear on the net, you know cause their all scrummy, pert,  sexually attractive  and Im such a horny bag cause of them.
I went and looked at some of my old bra's.....size 22EE's with the elastic so stretch due to accommodating my back boobs....THIS PICTURE is off the old .. sorry no pictures of the new, hubbies helping to wear them in cause I now wear a size 18D which come in pretty colours, lots of laces, ribbons and are nice and comfy but most of all

These 2 pictures crack me up.  Last year a gorgeous friend of mine gave me a bag full of clothes which I loved but was simply to big to fit in.  I put them away in hopes that this 12wbt program would work.
I tried one of my favourites on back in March and almost wet myself with happiness that although it was tight it fit.
After the singlet orgasm I decided I needed a double fix...out came the shirt and HELLO SAILOR!
It no only fit but it was roomy...not clasping to my norks and hips OR fit BIG.

My sideshow Bob feet have always hidden themselves under my gunt very well.  They had this special relationship the 2 of them....perhaps that's my the bastards tripped me up the other week #shrugs who knows.  I remember a very clever lady saying she wished she'd taken measurements of her neck way back when.  hmmm got me thinking.  Ive always had this long, giraffe looking neck, along with a camel hump behind it, between my shoulder blades so I couldn't do I decided to take progressive pictures of my feet.
It's simple, grab the camera, point It down from head height and click away
The last one, dated December.....well bugger me my ankles decided to make an appearance for the occasion.  Was so nice to have them attend and yes I am silently jumping up and down like a mad woman about it.

Have I changed at all over the last year?  I would be lying to say I haven't.  Toxic waste, food, consumers, parasite's, bent coat hangers and negativity has been removed, more so in the last 3 months.
I have learnt to listen to myself, being aware of what I need and how I feel.
My relationship with myself is awesome.  I have a new respect for myself.  I am no longer the aggressive, nasty, self loathing, jealous woman I was.
I have become aware that although not everyone gets along, we all have voices that need to be heard and lives that need living.  Time, health and happiness is far to short to dwell on the sadness of our yesterday's but to live with thanks to those who have been in our lives.  
For we all teach, nurture and love in our own ways.  
Its how we read those ways and interpret them, none judgmentally, that matter's.

Christmas girls weekend in Melbourne 2011 - 130kg's

Week away in August 2011 - weighing 135kg's

Today December 2012 - weighing 101.5kg's

think Ive changed?

 Im just starting to move my feet


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the road again

Really really wanted to smash the  run keeper bitch in the face this morning. 
Taunting me  continuously with...time is and distance covered is......shit, shit and hey.... just for something different SHIT!
Yesterday was my first adventure back to my morning route since my footpath rampage.
 Knee bandaged up and doing fine.  Time was alright but no running, no way!! Was not pushing it at all.

This morning, after the 1/2cm thick scab fell off last night, my knee was throbbing like no other.
Didn't strap it, just free balled and totally regretted it. 
I was arguing with myself and had a bad case of the cant be fucks.
Stupid maz - didn't bandage your knee... TWIT. I'll just get to the corner up here and then turn around and go you wont, you will keep going and then some.
Huge case of mental torture
Hell yes!!!!

In all seriously though I always thought I wasn't very fit, even with how far Ive come from the beginning of the year.  It took me 1 hour and 40 Min's my very first time. It killed me and I was only walking and mind you it was slllooooowwwwww.  My t-shirt at the time was drenched with sweat.
I often saw so many awesome chicks sharing what exercise commitments they have achieved and I was in awe.  they started an urge in me to push myself that little bit
I started the gym and although I cant stand getting on a tready cause it bores me shitless
 (lets face it there is only so long you can look at the same little dirty spot on the wall or window until your brain goes numb) so I dabbled my hand into some classes and learnt that I loved boxing and lifting weights.
Smash class...pfft I'm far to unco-ordinated for that shit.  I look like I'm having a seizure of sorts and its just, well its just not pretty.
I discovered jogging.  Building it up from one light post to the other to getting up to 3km's and even pushing myself that little bit further with this round and committing myself to do the 10k program.

Cue face plant

This morning I thought I would try to jog at my usually starting point and lasted....400m before my knee began protesting loudly.  Usually its my bowels screaming - EMPTY ME NOW..yeah nah *shudders*   I listened to my body and slowed back down to a walk, kicking myself inside that I couldn't do what my heart wanted.  
Flash backs from January are hitting me.  Then I began to think, you know its not so bad to go back to where we started.  It gives me perspective, shows me how valuable my body is and how committed and focused I am on gaining fulfilment from what I was giving myself.
It has empowered me in so many fronts, given my strength when normal I would of ran for the corner in the room to cry.   Shown me the true colours of many.  Respecting myself in the positive choices I have and continue to make.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on that run keeper chick after all.
I was up, I was doing my thing and by the time I got home, I was loving my self sick for it.

Each day brings new's to them making me a better and stronger person. to find that dame loo

Friday, December 14, 2012

Changing of the eating ways

This is my mornings workout.
I have peeled, washed, chopped up and grated

2 heads of lettuce
4 red onions
bunch of spring onions
1 continental cucumber
6 tomatoes
2 capsicums
300 grams of mushrooms
3 kg's of carrots

In my veggie crisper I have
apples / pears / banana's
pineapple and celery

stashed in my bar fridge is
3 whole cauliflowers
2kg's of broccoli
1 cabbage
4kg's of carrots

Sounds great doesn't it.  I absolutely LOVE that I have so much fresh fruit and veggies in the house to make clean, non processed meals for us all.  There is nothing better then actually tasting the flavours of your food rather then tasting cardboard.  My children eat so well now and actually prefer a spaghetti bolognas cooked full of veggies and made freshly then the tin bought pasta sauce.  Often all 5of us are in our kitchen, peeling, cutting and cooking together. Ive found that if my children help in the preparation of making the meal, they're more then happy to eat it and sprout off to who ever they see next what they helped make.

This is the end produce from this morning, a nice clean and fully stocked fridge.
I place a piece of bread in the bottom of the containers that have 'wet' items in them to soak up the extra moisture.  Eg tomato, cucumber, mushrooms.
I cover the grated carrots and lettuce with water to keep them fresh.
See that block of Jarlsberg cheese there on the bottom shelf...that would normally nag at me to inhale it but right now...mehhhh it can inhale me.  I have no urge what so ever to eat it.

Ive been contemplating for a while about becoming a vegetarian.
My interest in meat has flopped big time and I've found I'm having a passionate affair with fruit and veggies.
I do how ever LOVE sea food - tuna and prawns especially.
My only concern is getting enough iron into my body and what veggies and grains I need to replace the meat I did eat.  I will be researching this over the next few weeks and I'll be checking out the vegetarian menu plan Michelle Bridges has to offer and take some insight into that.
Ive become more confident in cooking low cal and finding that even thought my meals are smaller I am more content due to eating correctly.

There was a time when I only ate at night.  I missed breakfast, shoved something disgusting and empty down my throat at 2pm and then sat and did nothing but eat from 6pm to 10pm.
I was sluggish, pale, had bad skin, grumpy and fat.
Now I get up and I'm hungry.
I have a yummy bowl of Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, cut banana and strawberries in it.
lunch is a wrap with tuna or just plan salad in it.
Dinner is grilled meat or fish and salad or steamed veggies.
I drink water.  It actually feels good to know its flushing goodness back into my body.
Pepsi max use to wash down night time companion.  Now I shudder at how much I use to drink of it.


I couldn't agree more with this.
Gone, pushed out into the universe is the woman who ate for comfort
who ate for the sake of eating

I cant wait for what the universe brings me back to complete the circle.

Gratitude to the universe

THE GRATITUDE PROJECT - the shooting in the States reminds us how precious life is and how we so often take it for granted. There has been talk in the 30+crew lately of gratitude and in the wake of such tragedy and just prior to Christmas I would love to see us all put that into action. So... this is the gratitude project. It's not a say it to the world thing, not about sharing your positivity with the world, its about telling the people in your life that you appreciate them. Between now and Christmas say thank you... write a note, send an email, a text, whatever to the people in your lives to say thank you. Not just the people that are close, but the guy who makes you coffee or a shop assistant that made you smile. Don't make it an essay just something like - today you made me smile thank you

This post was placed in the 30plus group I'm part off this morning in lu of the senseless shooting that took the lives of 27 innocent people today.  Shot by a 20 year old man who's mother worked at the school he opened fire in.  20 of those people were children aged from 5 to 10.  They had so much life and love still to give.  There parent's will never see them graduate like many of us have seen our children do over the last week.  They will never have the excitement of their first love, going to their prom, getting their first pay packet let alone have children of their own.  Lives lost and families, a community shattered into a million pieces.
What caused the young man to take himself to that school with a gun and open fire?  What was going on in his head?  What pushed him to the point of destruction?  I guess we will never know what frame of mind this man was in.  We all can vent and say what an arse hole, yes I agree but what pushed him to do this act?  To need to hurt others that in such an unrepearable way?

I cant imagine what those families, his family, are feeling right now.

 The gratitude post that I have quoted above was the slap in the face I needed today.  I have been quiet and dwelling in my own little sorrow pit due to my injury and weight gain last Wednesday.  Totally pissed of at myself in the process and for what?

There are far greater sorrows in the world right now then my bloody knee.
I posted the following in my 30 plus FB support group

Gratitude post. I cant PM, email or send text's to each of you individually, man that would take days :p BUT I would like to thank each of you for bringing a bit of yourselves into our lives. For sharing your journey, for being strong and believing in yourselves and others. I for one, am truly grateful to you for being so open and allowing me to take what I need from your postings. Thank you for your friendship and your love. This part of the road is hard and the wisdom, support and encouragement you all give makes it less of a struggle.

I truly an grateful to the wonderful people in the group.  Each of them giving so much without question, without needing or wanting a thanks.  
I am surrounded by humble and strong woman and men who are a shoulder when I need it,
You allow me to reflect openly on the highs and the lows this weight lose journey gives me.

There are so many things I am grateful for.

My mum had a gallbladder operation last week and what was first thought to be cancer has been cleared.  

My mother in law had a slight stroke (I cant remember the exact word) and I am grateful that she is alright and not badly effected.  Ive been praying very hard and have lite several candles in hopes that she recovers well.

I am thankful for the wisdom and knowledge my children have given and still supply to me.
As they grow into the people they are, they teach me tolerance, love and open my eyes to new and wonderful things everyday. 

Thankful that 16 years ago I got blind drunk and went back to my tent with someone else's boyfriend *whistles innocently*
16 years on we have had many ups and downs but I love the strong, independent, loving husband and father I have in my life.

Sisterly love doesn't need to have blood ties.  I have a bond that will still be strong, even after our time here has ended.  I am thankful everyday for the unconditional love and friendship I have shared with Sam for over 20 years.
You are my sister of heart.  I love you deeper then any ocean.

Most of all I am thankful that I have had and still have so many wonderful people in my life.
I have had some friendships that have not ended, simply moved on as they had come to an end but I will never forget what those friendships gave me.
The internet has given me the opportunity to reach out, wrap my arm's around people and share the burden, the joy's and the laughter.  I am forever grateful for the world of technology for allowing me to have so many wonderful woman in my life.
Each of them bringing so much passion, friendship and strength to my world.
My life wouldn't be complete without you all.

Thank you all for making the world a better place.
The universe needs special people and each one of you are exactly that.

Love and peace out

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What goes up.....does come down

Over stimulating my self doubt button's atm.
Feel like my emotions are playing twister and my soul is being put into positions and places it isn't comfortable in.
While being on such a high until my epic pavement falling I feel like I'm deflating like a balloon right now.  I'm not crying out for one else can help me at this point.  I need to get up, brush off and refocus my energy.

I feel like I have slumped backwards.  Monday I tried my luck at the gym only to last 1/2 an hour on the tready.  My knee throbbing in pain and knocking my hand on the stupid side of it. Tonight although I ate a beautiful made salsa (12week MBT recipe of course) and ate my normal portion I failed majorly when it came to the meat. Shit brain was saying no, stop putting it in your mouth and my mouth and stomach were saying fuck you I'M HUNGRY!!  EAT!!

And now.....the food guilt's are kicking my arse.

Why the hell do we do this to ourselves?
We eat so well, so clean for weeks only to sit and eat like a starving homeless person.  Not giving 2 shits about where the food ends up, shovelling it in and not even feeling how good it tastes.  Food for the soul is quoted by so many cooks....its fine for the bloody soul cause it doesn't have to watch for water retention, bloating, shitting like there's no tomorrow.

I have no excuse and I refuse to make any.

No need to hear your owning it, you can move forward.  I absolutely detest what I have done and how I feel right now.  You know, the self anger building up inside, your good self beating the utter shit out of your bad self with baseball bat.  The feeling that food can give at the time of inhaling it is so short lived.  I have been fighting so hard since the weekend and honestly thought I had over come it...quiet obviously not as I sit here, dwelling on what I've shoved in and how stupidly I have ruined my last 3 weeks of hard work.

I don't give a toss who we are, how far we have come or have to go, we all go through this emotional roller coaster.  Us morbidly obese people didn't get fat over night.  We built wall's and personalities up to mask our pain, our was our friend, our drug of choice.  It soothes us when we are at our least vulnerable.  It is our saviour when the light fades.

Exercise had replaced these emotional lows for me.  This week has been the first time in a long time that I feel like I've let my wall's down.  Feeling very overwhelmed and flat.
Tomorrow morning, I don't give a crap how long my circuit takes, I'm haling my arse back out side to walk my 6.5km's, whether I hobble it or not.

Maz needs to get her groove back into its happy place.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scar tissue

External scar's fade in time, they may seem horrid and gorrish when they happen but they change and soon your just left with a little blemish or mark.

Its the internal ones that are invisible to others that give the deepest pain, the most hurt...

This weekend I ventured back to part of my past that I thought I was adult enough to move on from.  Probably the beginning of the reason I was the size I was until this time last year.  
It was the beginning of a time that I cant change, no matter how much I wish for it.  
We can only live now, with the memories of such times and hope and pray that we can be stronger not to let those emotions come back in that turned us into the destructive people we were.

This weekend just amount of praying helped me.

Little did I know my son was taking  pictures of me and Baah when we were standing on this spot.  
Its still hard to look at it but its a stepping stone on making myself better.
I wanted to take her here, wanted to show her that this was my 'spot' where I came to when I felt lost and dark.  The exact spot where I stood when my mum read out the letter she had received in the mail telling us that her mother had died due to cancer.  
Hearing her scream and cry and not being able to do anything.
Something I did without volume....something I wish she would have heard me do but didnt.

I wanted to show her the pier where I would go when I had my moments of self destruction.  
Where I would walk blinded with tears and bruising within to comfort myself with the food I had taken from the pantry to eat away the hurt, the pain.
I use to sit there, right on the edge of that pier and wish that I would fall in, never to come up.
I sought what I thought was love but was in fact abuse by so many,  in the park that sat on the waterfront's edge.  Abuse was not a friend but I welcomed it as it was comfort that I understood and knew what was expected of me.
I had no one but my food to talk one would listen and I was to ashamed to speak out.  Liar, bitch and whore were words that were flung at me so often that it seems easier to shut up and put up with it.
Food kept me warm, made me feel whole and never judged me.
I just wanted love.

Saturday night, once my babies were all in bed asleep those feeling came back.  
The emptiness, the sadness, most of all the hurt and shame.  It was taunting me.
Before I realised it, I was taking comfort in my old friend.  
Allowing it to take control and warm me again.  
Quickly I threw what I had in front of me in the bin and cried for what seemed hours.  
I will not let the past come back to torture my soul again.  
I am in control of my life, not the actions off those I trusted as a 14 year old girl.  
This is my life and YOU and your cruelty will never be welcome in my life again.
I wont allow it.  I am stronger, I am better and I happier.
Those people from my past are no longer there in my life to hurt me.
As I threw the last piece of bread into the bin...I realised how much I loved and missed my husband right at that moment.
He is my strength, my energy, my pea's to his carrot's.
He is my oxygen.....he is my love.

I asked Bahh to promise me something this weekend past...on my old spot.  
That is when ever she feels like she cant talk to anyone,
 if she feels like her world doesn't have colour in it anymore  
to PLEASE come to me.

She asked me why
My answer 

Because I will never judge you, never turn my back on you, I will believe in you
most of all
I will ALWAYS love you

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My small goal gift

Date:24 December 2012
Location:Shepparton Donor Centre
94 Fryers St

this my friends is my gift back to the universe.

An awesome chicky...lets call her McGee made herself a chart of sorts, counting down until she reached her goal and is rewarding herself with a brand spanky new bike to ride.  This chick is phenomenal. She has climbed mountains, done the hard yards, burpee's included (ohh the swearing) and has lost an amazing 60..yes 60 friggen kg's.  I need a piece of that pie..I need a piece of that arse!

I took note, have made a little worship plaque which right bang smack in the middle is my count down chart.

I have 4kg's to get count down until I am double figures for the first time since I was married.  I will and I can do this!

I have set the goal to be accomplished by the 24th of Christmas gift to myself.
I have no need for anything.  
I have a truly wonderful husband, 4 beautiful, insane and captivating children who give me reasons to smile, laugh and scream everyday.  
A wonderful family of support and love from my beautiful friends.  Wonderful close friendships with a few woman who 'know' me and who I am.
I have my life, my health and a heart full of happiness.
I prefer to give then receive...those who know me know what I'm like.
I'm the secret squirrel who organises gifts, surprises and love.
I get more out of someones happiness then having something sitting here collecting dust.
A smile, a hug and simple hello, how are you is worth far more then any millions in the bank.

I maybe injured atm but I am not letting that put any wall's up.
I WILL be making sure that my count down gets marked down to that magic number.

I wont be backing out either way.  I am committed and I will do this!

A 'gift' was emailed to me today...a picture of myself in Sydney that was taken after I was glamed up.
I had to do a double take.

who the hell is this chick?

I don't recognise her....wait I know those forehead squint lines and that cocky right eye raising thing.
Normally I would sit here and pick shit out of this chubby my face looks, how I have bag's, how shit and thin my lips look and my horrible moles that live on my face.
normally doesn't exist anymore.
I am in awe of myself.
My skin looks fresh, I have a glint in my eye, my hair is long and looks hot
I look happy
know why
cause for the first time in years I actually AM happy.
Free from negative forces
Free from stress
Free from terrible food.

I love life and all it has for me.
Live it, do it, love it


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fat day blues

Fuckity, fuck fuck!
I'm having one of those now the one....

Have a gut feeling that its due to my injury and not being able to exercise today.

Going to your wardrobe and pulling out nearly every piece of clothing you have, putting it on and picking on yourself....
shit my arse looks HUGE in this, 
my guts sticks out, 
its to tight you can see my back boobs,
 my legs are to wobbly - friggen cellulite

No matter what your other half says it just makes the situation worse and no matter what you tell yourself it just wont work, you feel like shit.  
We can wear exactly the same thing tomorrow and feel like a size 10...what the hell is with fat days???
You just want a big hole of nothing to come and grab you and suck you away.
Or better still, stay in bed, watch really shitty Days of Our Lives and eat a packet of chips and a bottle of something bubbly and high in sugar

Walking past a shop window today I saw my reflection and thought ahh crap my gunt is sticking out again..mustn't have tucked it away properly. Quickly I move my bag to cover it.  I keep walking paranoid that somehow someone can see through my bag and see my massive gunt.

Why do you think bigger chick's wear grannie knickers?  
You know the ones, full briefs that go to a normal girls armpits.  
They tuck  away your tummy, tuck away your shame and your over joyes love for food. 
 Cause if your eye cant see it its not there...right???

We feel it.  Its more then seeing it.

I have lived with being up sized for so long that I have learnt tricks of the trade that will never leave.
Things like wearing longer singlet tops so the come down and camouflage the tummy by looking longer in the body.
Wearing boot leg jeans so that your bigger calves don't look like their being chocked to death.
Scarves in winter to disguise my double chin and bigger clothes to make myself feel like I am skinner when in fact I looked ridiculous and bigger then I was.

I was going to break the fat day cycle.  Fear gripped me...its a comfort thing that needed to be beaten with my positive stick.
I'm over feeling fat days. 

What does one do on such an occasion you ask???

yes, yes that's right we go shopping

I needed to get myself some new work out pants because I don't know how well my one active ones from Michelle Bridges are after yesterday fall.  I had noticed before my great pavement rapping that they seemed a little large as I had to pull them up twice.
Off to Big W I went and mosh pit dived into the one active section.
When I was a size 26 I could NEVER find any pants to fit me, they were always the size 18 and downwards.  I gathered that so many people were the same size as me and had it in my head that they must of joined MB12wbt as well.
Today I go in and bloody hell, there must be alot of skinnier woman out there now cause all the bigger sizes were available and only a few lonely size 18's.  
Shit now what do I do? Buy the size 18 again or go down to the 16?
Fuck it, if the 16 doesn't fit me will in a month...right .
Bugger it, while I was there a singlet top came home with me as well.
Now this is RIGHT out of my comfort zone due to my gunt issues.  Its shorter and tighter then my usually camouflage...screw it lets do it.

And what do you know



But because its a feel fat day I tried to pick on how I looked, my tummy, my arms, my thighs.
I stopped my self, gave myself a good internal slapping about, put my big girl panties back on

smiled back at myself in the mirror to tell myself

I look HOT!

This chick is slowly busting out off her fat day.

Think that I might pour myself a sparkling mineral water to celebrate.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Face punched by the footpath


This is what I came home like this morning after my morning run was cut short by the foot path coming up and bitch slapping me.
You know, I probably deserved it. Poor bastard has put up with me walking and running on it for the past 11 months. Cant say Id be as patient to kick someone in the arse for stomping on me every day, especially when I was 130kg's when I started.

Rewind to my 5.10am alarm when I hit snooze and though get your arse out of bed woman. Laying here isn't going to make your self skinnier.  Good old auto pilot took over and before I knew it I was out the door quicker then a new brides nightie going up.

I did my 5 min warm up walk thinking shit I've been lucky. I haven't fallen in ages and although I was yawning like a mad woman I was ready to get into it. I found my tempo feet quiet quickly this morning.  My gym instructor last night told me that when she was training they were told to chew gum to learn how to breath properly. hmmmm yep, I started chewing like I was a cow but it helped. Mind you there was no gum in my mouth so it was just pretend motions happening.  I had a good slow pace, my breathing was great...hit the round about and felt fab and ready to keep going.  Waved to a friend and smiling inside kept going. 
Started hearing 'fighter' in my ears via my iphone and I was in my zone when


hello what the hell 
keep your balance no try and roll. nope not going to work.
shit did my tooth just go through my lip...ohhh my nose is burning...why is my nose burning.
Get up Maz, keep moving your right.....WOW sudden urge to throw up
why is my hand hurting....stop my nose from burning

And there I looked up to see a sea of worried looking woman

One mentioned to wipe my nose cause I had snot...I can giggle now but shit, snot every where YUCK! I was so worried about having it and could feel it all over my face that I just used my top to clean up but it wasn't snot it was blood.  
All I thought I could think was thank god I didn't piss or crap myself in the process of falling.
Wonderful Naomi tried to ring my darling hubby but his phone rang out.  She sprung into action and through foggy ears I heard a mention of getting a car.
Superwoman Liz was asking me what I had to do on Friday and what time I had to be there.
I was sitting there, looking at her thinking,
Liz why the fuck are you asking me this know what time the presentation goes down.
Liz was just making sure that Maz was on the ball and hadn't knocked her head to hard.
Through a blur and pain these woman grab one of my arms each and lifted me up to stand.  
Inside I was screaming don't lift me I'm to fat for you to pick up but tears were the only things that came out of me.  These woman stopped their own training session to come to my rescue.  They stopped what they were doing for them to come to my aid.  I honestly don't know what I would of done if they weren't there.  Sat like a stuffed pigeon no doubt until I got my head into thinking mode.
I am truly grateful for such selfless, caring and wonderful ladies in shining armour.

This is the exact spot I went arse over tit.  
It has an inch rise and my foot just caught it.  That driveway just ahead of it is where I was going to cross the road to run because I don't like running on the gravel track beyond that light pole.  
Seems I didn't stand a chance 

 War wounds my right hand, pretty swollen and my knuckle on the ring finger is moved very close to me middle finger. Id say it took the brunt of my fall along with my left knee...feels like I was playing twist and fell.  While finally my right knee is back in place and now pain, the left knee if cactus.  BUT my Michelle Bridges 3/4 pants are still in one piece *insert smiley face* they maybe full of my skin, flesh and blood but they have no holes.

And finally the face now all cleaned up.
My nose stud actually came out while my face was skimming the ground and cut into my nose and top lip.   Its all good :) I'm fine, no broken bones, I can walk and still fart.
I do however have a school concert I have to attend Thursday night with the kids and hubby  so there will be lots of looks. Mehhh that doesn't worry me...its when I take my children to the local Prison on Friday that worries me.
The prison's are donating an Ipad mini to my second eldest to help him with his schooling and are having a special presentation for him on the day...I'm going to look quiet like the ghetto bitch aren't I.

Tomorrow morning, there will be no running...I'll be happy if my body will let me get up and walk my circuit. 
No pain no gain...right 

Happy thoughts

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nominating myself...shit

Week three's weekly surprise is to nominate a blog or your own.

Ive nominated my own.

Now before you start thinking shit Maz has got a big head, Ive got some news for you


My friends know that I'm not one to toot my own horn. I'm quiet the secret squirrel when it comes to many things.  I love to surprise people, organise gifts for those who need them or even just a PM to someone to let them know that someone loves them when I see that their having a bad day.  I don't need anything repaid to me...the joy heard in the voice of the person Ive rung or the shit eating grin that you see on someones face is more then enough.

I had no intention of nominating myself until this morning. 

After uprooting my bedroom looking for a pair of 3/4 shorts to wear I cracked it and decided that I needed to buy something that would fit me without making me look like Ive shat my dacks.  I need clothes stat!!!
I had to pick up some layby's Santa had arranged *wink wink nudge nudge* so thought best I get this done now, without the amigo's with me, by myself.
I found some awesome pants, picked them up without really taking notice and went to the change rooms to try them on.  Stripped down, pulled out my wedgie and put on new pants only to have them fall to my ankles *insert awkward scream in here*. 

Yes - size yeah baby

Why you ask...cause this stupid twit is still in the I wear a size 26 state of mind.  Its one thing that I really need to work on and I'm hoping to achieve this round...clearing my head and eyes of the size 26 body I had.  I look in the mirror and the person looking back at me is still the same chick I saw last year, and the year before that.  I was so use to buying size 26 that its just a habit to reach for it proving that my mind hasn't caught up.  Shit, circus tents were starting to look mighty fine for comfort and wear ability last Christmas.

I sit here now, typing this, trying to think of what to say while my hand goes to my neck and 'feels' my collar bones. I HAVE COLLAR BONES PEOPLE!!!!!!  I had forgotten what they were like and cant stop touching them now that I have rediscovered them.

My hubby posted a comment on my facebook over the weekend.  He isn't a man of many words but his love is unconditional and gives me strength when I feel I have none. 
Here it is

Jeremy Bourke I married 1 woman and after 13 year I now am married to a new woman both of them I love but this new one seems to be happier with, life and herself. I see that both are very sexy and I love them both. But this new one loves her self more and that makes me happy. Maryan I love you then and now, you make me get up I the mornings just to see how lucky I am in life. I love you.

I was so thankful I was in a the cinema when I read this...I sobbed like a child.  Not due to sadness but to the love and the though that he placed into his words.  I never knew the effect this would have on him..I knew that I had upset a few people with my new life but I never knew what I reflected outwards to him and my family.  He totally blew me away and just made me want to have his babies even more.

I am a different person.  I have more self respect in my little finger then I did in my entire body last year.  I no longer put my happy face on for everyone, I truly am happy INSIDE and out.  I love my life.  Love that I can breath without coughing madly. I love how healthy I now eat, how great exercising and being out feels.  I love the respect I give myself now.  The respect I have been lacking for so long.  I treat my self and my body with dignity.  I love how my new found vest for life is infecting those around me and making life all round positive.

Most of all

I have finally learnt

to love myself.

The joy's of a gunt

This here posting is for you Anne Maree Wilson and anyone else who has/had a gunt.
Its one of the reasons I began my 12wbt ... a gunt isn't all what it seems.


This is a combo of gut and c***. The gunt is the huge layer of belly fat that hangs over the waist on morbidly obese women and covers the vagina. If for some reason, someone would actually want to have sex with this woman, the gunt must be lifted up out of the way to expose the genitals.

Nice description given there.
Sadly it's lacking in a few area's.

It fails to mention how the heat effects the area.  Summer time comes and hell it starts  cooking.  You can imagine what 2 layers of skin on skin that cant breath will do...rubbing is just the beginning of it.

First there's the itching..omg it itches like a bitch! no matter what you do you cant make it stop and once you start it only gets worse.  You begin to itch so much that you scratch open the skin and it bleeds and then stings.  Man Id rather have shavers rash from getting my bikini line done cause I know after day 2 its gone. This stays around for weeks if your not careful.
To combat the problem I started using pantie liners and folding them in half and wedging them in under my gunt to soak up the sweat. They worked for a while until my body said a big NOOOO to them.  Bamboo velour became my friend for a long time...I used my scrap pieces and would over lock them together into long thin strips to wedge under.  They worked a treat :)

Know what smell I hate the most...that lets put powder on the wet spot smell.  Yes I have been guilty of it. I had to, cause I didn't know what else to do.  It cakes together...gathers in all the little nooks and crannies like gangs of bullies waiting to pounce and degrade you.  Once the sweat start's you have that nasty sweet off smelling odour about know the one. Like when you get on a crowded train on a hot day and you can smell the old lady from the other side of the carriage....yep, THAT'S the smell *shudders*.

Sweat is one of the gunts greatest enemies....nylon attracts it so lacey pretty knickers (if you can get them to fit a size 26) are out the door.  Sweat starts gathering and if you not careful  fungus grows and many woman suffering from eczema have it in this area majority of the time.  I know I god it was horrible. This then starts the itch thing happening....see the cycle is just none stop.

You think muffin top looks horrid...try square gunt syndrome.  You find an awesome pair of pants or a gorgeous slightly tight dress and you get it on and look in the mirror and what do you see. Yep instead of a lovely flat or even round tummy you have this box like looking thing slapping your eyes.  You can hide it, it sits over your who ha and it looks square.  Worse still, is trying to stuff it into jeans.  OMFG its not a pretty sight when your in a change room trying to stuff your gunt and stomach into a pair of jeans to have the sales assistance open the curtain to look straight at your middle with her jaw gaping open.  You cant blame her...she's young, thin and doesn't look like she's ever had a day being over a size 14.  Humour steps in and says to said sales girl - see this is what quarter pounders and having 4 kids do to you while you push the curtain back and hide your tears of embarrassment.

The one I have noticed most recently it the clapping of the gunt.  OH how it loves to be noticed and cheer you on when your doing star jumps and skipping...clap...clap...clap.  When it first happened I was looking around the room at the other's in the class thinking who the hell is clapping us on.  It wasn't until I noticed everyone looking at me and feeling the weight hit above my fanny bone that I twigged.  Red face Ive made the - I cant skip excuse. Its bloody embarrassing.  Instead I now do a lift and AB&T  class to tighten up....I think its working :)

Next time you see an over weight person and giggle to yourself about how big their gunt is....think of all the crap they go through everyday and be thankful that you don't have one.