Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One year healthiversary

I did it!!!

I got through my first year.

In YOUR faces all of you who said I wouldn't get here
In YOUR face to those who were super negative and sabotaging
Yes ME!!
I was my own worst enemy.  I talked myself out of this so many times and then talked myself back into it 5 times more.  I got up and made myself get up and get off my arse when my inner baddy said sit back, relax there are other ways.
I made myself go out and work harder when I allowed those extra unhealthy things into my body.

my starting stats back in round 1 were
chest - 120.5cm
waist - 117cm
hips - 137cm
left and right leg each - 75cm
left and right arm each - 40cm

my starting stats for round 4 are
chest - 109cm
waist - 95cm
hips - 121cm
left and right leg each - 63 cm
left and right arm each - 35cm

A total lost so far of 
11.5 plus 22 plus 26 plus 24 plus 10


I began on this date...27th of December weighing in at 
today I weigh




I remember taking the picture on the left thinking what the hell am I doing.  I need to make myself accountable.  I was very quiet with what I was doing initially.  I didn't want anyone knowing in case I fell back and into my own habits, this way I only had my own chastising to contend with and not the mouths of others saying ha ha.
It took me a while but in March I came out of my fat closest and started sharing pictures with those I trusted.  Sadly some of those who I did share with did take the initiative to hurt me commenting how I'm not afraid to prance around on FB in my undies when I'm scared of showing my arse in a dress.
Another bent coat hanger thrown out into the recycling and another free space in my fat closet #wink wink
I recently found the same singlet in my Mount Foldmore and decided for shits and giggles to put it on.
I was totally blown away...holly shit balls batman it fit me.....but it was now a sack. 

Here I was thinking my nork's have never changed...pffft bullshit my friends.  

Just cause I love flashing them in my underwear on the net, you know cause their all scrummy, pert,  sexually attractive  and Im such a horny bag cause of them.
I went and looked at some of my old bra's.....size 22EE's with the elastic so stretch due to accommodating my back boobs....THIS PICTURE is off the old .. sorry no pictures of the new, hubbies helping to wear them in cause I now wear a size 18D which come in pretty colours, lots of laces, ribbons and are nice and comfy but most of all

These 2 pictures crack me up.  Last year a gorgeous friend of mine gave me a bag full of clothes which I loved but was simply to big to fit in.  I put them away in hopes that this 12wbt program would work.
I tried one of my favourites on back in March and almost wet myself with happiness that although it was tight it fit.
After the singlet orgasm I decided I needed a double fix...out came the shirt and HELLO SAILOR!
It no only fit but it was roomy...not clasping to my norks and hips OR fit BIG.

My sideshow Bob feet have always hidden themselves under my gunt very well.  They had this special relationship the 2 of them....perhaps that's my the bastards tripped me up the other week #shrugs who knows.  I remember a very clever lady saying she wished she'd taken measurements of her neck way back when.  hmmm got me thinking.  Ive always had this long, giraffe looking neck, along with a camel hump behind it, between my shoulder blades so I couldn't do I decided to take progressive pictures of my feet.
It's simple, grab the camera, point It down from head height and click away
The last one, dated December.....well bugger me my ankles decided to make an appearance for the occasion.  Was so nice to have them attend and yes I am silently jumping up and down like a mad woman about it.

Have I changed at all over the last year?  I would be lying to say I haven't.  Toxic waste, food, consumers, parasite's, bent coat hangers and negativity has been removed, more so in the last 3 months.
I have learnt to listen to myself, being aware of what I need and how I feel.
My relationship with myself is awesome.  I have a new respect for myself.  I am no longer the aggressive, nasty, self loathing, jealous woman I was.
I have become aware that although not everyone gets along, we all have voices that need to be heard and lives that need living.  Time, health and happiness is far to short to dwell on the sadness of our yesterday's but to live with thanks to those who have been in our lives.  
For we all teach, nurture and love in our own ways.  
Its how we read those ways and interpret them, none judgmentally, that matter's.

Christmas girls weekend in Melbourne 2011 - 130kg's

Week away in August 2011 - weighing 135kg's

Today December 2012 - weighing 101.5kg's

think Ive changed?

 Im just starting to move my feet



  1. love your post .... way to go!!
    You are doing great - thank you for the inspiration

  2. Love you - happy healthiversary honey! I am so pleased this year has brought you into my life xxxx

  3. Great Stuff Maz, and congratulations on you healthiversary!!!! You have worked so bloody hard to get where you are now, keep up the awesomeness!

  4. God I love reading these. I am so, so happy for you Maz & you can see it in your face too finally. :) xo

  5. Wow. I have just signed up for my first round, and I too weigh about 130kg (who am I kidding? I know that I weighed 131.1kg the day I signed up) Your progress is amazing, and I love your blog. It is so refreshing to read about realities of being a fat girl trying to get healthy. I know its going to be hard work and take a lot of dedication but if you can do it, what's stopping me? I have subscribed to your blog since I know I will need a reality check more often than not, and a good kick in the bum to get me going. Thanks for sharing