Monday, December 3, 2012

Face punched by the footpath


This is what I came home like this morning after my morning run was cut short by the foot path coming up and bitch slapping me.
You know, I probably deserved it. Poor bastard has put up with me walking and running on it for the past 11 months. Cant say Id be as patient to kick someone in the arse for stomping on me every day, especially when I was 130kg's when I started.

Rewind to my 5.10am alarm when I hit snooze and though get your arse out of bed woman. Laying here isn't going to make your self skinnier.  Good old auto pilot took over and before I knew it I was out the door quicker then a new brides nightie going up.

I did my 5 min warm up walk thinking shit I've been lucky. I haven't fallen in ages and although I was yawning like a mad woman I was ready to get into it. I found my tempo feet quiet quickly this morning.  My gym instructor last night told me that when she was training they were told to chew gum to learn how to breath properly. hmmmm yep, I started chewing like I was a cow but it helped. Mind you there was no gum in my mouth so it was just pretend motions happening.  I had a good slow pace, my breathing was great...hit the round about and felt fab and ready to keep going.  Waved to a friend and smiling inside kept going. 
Started hearing 'fighter' in my ears via my iphone and I was in my zone when


hello what the hell 
keep your balance no try and roll. nope not going to work.
shit did my tooth just go through my lip...ohhh my nose is burning...why is my nose burning.
Get up Maz, keep moving your right.....WOW sudden urge to throw up
why is my hand hurting....stop my nose from burning

And there I looked up to see a sea of worried looking woman

One mentioned to wipe my nose cause I had snot...I can giggle now but shit, snot every where YUCK! I was so worried about having it and could feel it all over my face that I just used my top to clean up but it wasn't snot it was blood.  
All I thought I could think was thank god I didn't piss or crap myself in the process of falling.
Wonderful Naomi tried to ring my darling hubby but his phone rang out.  She sprung into action and through foggy ears I heard a mention of getting a car.
Superwoman Liz was asking me what I had to do on Friday and what time I had to be there.
I was sitting there, looking at her thinking,
Liz why the fuck are you asking me this know what time the presentation goes down.
Liz was just making sure that Maz was on the ball and hadn't knocked her head to hard.
Through a blur and pain these woman grab one of my arms each and lifted me up to stand.  
Inside I was screaming don't lift me I'm to fat for you to pick up but tears were the only things that came out of me.  These woman stopped their own training session to come to my rescue.  They stopped what they were doing for them to come to my aid.  I honestly don't know what I would of done if they weren't there.  Sat like a stuffed pigeon no doubt until I got my head into thinking mode.
I am truly grateful for such selfless, caring and wonderful ladies in shining armour.

This is the exact spot I went arse over tit.  
It has an inch rise and my foot just caught it.  That driveway just ahead of it is where I was going to cross the road to run because I don't like running on the gravel track beyond that light pole.  
Seems I didn't stand a chance 

 War wounds my right hand, pretty swollen and my knuckle on the ring finger is moved very close to me middle finger. Id say it took the brunt of my fall along with my left knee...feels like I was playing twist and fell.  While finally my right knee is back in place and now pain, the left knee if cactus.  BUT my Michelle Bridges 3/4 pants are still in one piece *insert smiley face* they maybe full of my skin, flesh and blood but they have no holes.

And finally the face now all cleaned up.
My nose stud actually came out while my face was skimming the ground and cut into my nose and top lip.   Its all good :) I'm fine, no broken bones, I can walk and still fart.
I do however have a school concert I have to attend Thursday night with the kids and hubby  so there will be lots of looks. Mehhh that doesn't worry me...its when I take my children to the local Prison on Friday that worries me.
The prison's are donating an Ipad mini to my second eldest to help him with his schooling and are having a special presentation for him on the day...I'm going to look quiet like the ghetto bitch aren't I.

Tomorrow morning, there will be no running...I'll be happy if my body will let me get up and walk my circuit. 
No pain no gain...right 

Happy thoughts

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