Friday, December 14, 2012

Gratitude to the universe

THE GRATITUDE PROJECT - the shooting in the States reminds us how precious life is and how we so often take it for granted. There has been talk in the 30+crew lately of gratitude and in the wake of such tragedy and just prior to Christmas I would love to see us all put that into action. So... this is the gratitude project. It's not a say it to the world thing, not about sharing your positivity with the world, its about telling the people in your life that you appreciate them. Between now and Christmas say thank you... write a note, send an email, a text, whatever to the people in your lives to say thank you. Not just the people that are close, but the guy who makes you coffee or a shop assistant that made you smile. Don't make it an essay just something like - today you made me smile thank you

This post was placed in the 30plus group I'm part off this morning in lu of the senseless shooting that took the lives of 27 innocent people today.  Shot by a 20 year old man who's mother worked at the school he opened fire in.  20 of those people were children aged from 5 to 10.  They had so much life and love still to give.  There parent's will never see them graduate like many of us have seen our children do over the last week.  They will never have the excitement of their first love, going to their prom, getting their first pay packet let alone have children of their own.  Lives lost and families, a community shattered into a million pieces.
What caused the young man to take himself to that school with a gun and open fire?  What was going on in his head?  What pushed him to the point of destruction?  I guess we will never know what frame of mind this man was in.  We all can vent and say what an arse hole, yes I agree but what pushed him to do this act?  To need to hurt others that in such an unrepearable way?

I cant imagine what those families, his family, are feeling right now.

 The gratitude post that I have quoted above was the slap in the face I needed today.  I have been quiet and dwelling in my own little sorrow pit due to my injury and weight gain last Wednesday.  Totally pissed of at myself in the process and for what?

There are far greater sorrows in the world right now then my bloody knee.
I posted the following in my 30 plus FB support group

Gratitude post. I cant PM, email or send text's to each of you individually, man that would take days :p BUT I would like to thank each of you for bringing a bit of yourselves into our lives. For sharing your journey, for being strong and believing in yourselves and others. I for one, am truly grateful to you for being so open and allowing me to take what I need from your postings. Thank you for your friendship and your love. This part of the road is hard and the wisdom, support and encouragement you all give makes it less of a struggle.

I truly an grateful to the wonderful people in the group.  Each of them giving so much without question, without needing or wanting a thanks.  
I am surrounded by humble and strong woman and men who are a shoulder when I need it,
You allow me to reflect openly on the highs and the lows this weight lose journey gives me.

There are so many things I am grateful for.

My mum had a gallbladder operation last week and what was first thought to be cancer has been cleared.  

My mother in law had a slight stroke (I cant remember the exact word) and I am grateful that she is alright and not badly effected.  Ive been praying very hard and have lite several candles in hopes that she recovers well.

I am thankful for the wisdom and knowledge my children have given and still supply to me.
As they grow into the people they are, they teach me tolerance, love and open my eyes to new and wonderful things everyday. 

Thankful that 16 years ago I got blind drunk and went back to my tent with someone else's boyfriend *whistles innocently*
16 years on we have had many ups and downs but I love the strong, independent, loving husband and father I have in my life.

Sisterly love doesn't need to have blood ties.  I have a bond that will still be strong, even after our time here has ended.  I am thankful everyday for the unconditional love and friendship I have shared with Sam for over 20 years.
You are my sister of heart.  I love you deeper then any ocean.

Most of all I am thankful that I have had and still have so many wonderful people in my life.
I have had some friendships that have not ended, simply moved on as they had come to an end but I will never forget what those friendships gave me.
The internet has given me the opportunity to reach out, wrap my arm's around people and share the burden, the joy's and the laughter.  I am forever grateful for the world of technology for allowing me to have so many wonderful woman in my life.
Each of them bringing so much passion, friendship and strength to my world.
My life wouldn't be complete without you all.

Thank you all for making the world a better place.
The universe needs special people and each one of you are exactly that.

Love and peace out

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  1. Maz ... that is so wonderful.

    And I love that photo of you. You have been an inspiration to me for a long time, before you started the 12WBT. To be honest, I look at photos of you on the start of the 12WBT and don't remember you looking like that. I wish I had heard your pain though earlier.