Friday, December 14, 2012

Changing of the eating ways

This is my mornings workout.
I have peeled, washed, chopped up and grated

2 heads of lettuce
4 red onions
bunch of spring onions
1 continental cucumber
6 tomatoes
2 capsicums
300 grams of mushrooms
3 kg's of carrots

In my veggie crisper I have
apples / pears / banana's
pineapple and celery

stashed in my bar fridge is
3 whole cauliflowers
2kg's of broccoli
1 cabbage
4kg's of carrots

Sounds great doesn't it.  I absolutely LOVE that I have so much fresh fruit and veggies in the house to make clean, non processed meals for us all.  There is nothing better then actually tasting the flavours of your food rather then tasting cardboard.  My children eat so well now and actually prefer a spaghetti bolognas cooked full of veggies and made freshly then the tin bought pasta sauce.  Often all 5of us are in our kitchen, peeling, cutting and cooking together. Ive found that if my children help in the preparation of making the meal, they're more then happy to eat it and sprout off to who ever they see next what they helped make.

This is the end produce from this morning, a nice clean and fully stocked fridge.
I place a piece of bread in the bottom of the containers that have 'wet' items in them to soak up the extra moisture.  Eg tomato, cucumber, mushrooms.
I cover the grated carrots and lettuce with water to keep them fresh.
See that block of Jarlsberg cheese there on the bottom shelf...that would normally nag at me to inhale it but right now...mehhhh it can inhale me.  I have no urge what so ever to eat it.

Ive been contemplating for a while about becoming a vegetarian.
My interest in meat has flopped big time and I've found I'm having a passionate affair with fruit and veggies.
I do how ever LOVE sea food - tuna and prawns especially.
My only concern is getting enough iron into my body and what veggies and grains I need to replace the meat I did eat.  I will be researching this over the next few weeks and I'll be checking out the vegetarian menu plan Michelle Bridges has to offer and take some insight into that.
Ive become more confident in cooking low cal and finding that even thought my meals are smaller I am more content due to eating correctly.

There was a time when I only ate at night.  I missed breakfast, shoved something disgusting and empty down my throat at 2pm and then sat and did nothing but eat from 6pm to 10pm.
I was sluggish, pale, had bad skin, grumpy and fat.
Now I get up and I'm hungry.
I have a yummy bowl of Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, cut banana and strawberries in it.
lunch is a wrap with tuna or just plan salad in it.
Dinner is grilled meat or fish and salad or steamed veggies.
I drink water.  It actually feels good to know its flushing goodness back into my body.
Pepsi max use to wash down night time companion.  Now I shudder at how much I use to drink of it.


I couldn't agree more with this.
Gone, pushed out into the universe is the woman who ate for comfort
who ate for the sake of eating

I cant wait for what the universe brings me back to complete the circle.

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