Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My small goal gift

Date:24 December 2012
Location:Shepparton Donor Centre
94 Fryers St

this my friends is my gift back to the universe.

An awesome chicky...lets call her McGee made herself a chart of sorts, counting down until she reached her goal and is rewarding herself with a brand spanky new bike to ride.  This chick is phenomenal. She has climbed mountains, done the hard yards, burpee's included (ohh the swearing) and has lost an amazing 60..yes 60 friggen kg's.  I need a piece of that pie..I need a piece of that arse!

I took note, have made a little worship plaque which right bang smack in the middle is my count down chart.

I have 4kg's to get count down until I am double figures for the first time since I was married.  I will and I can do this!

I have set the goal to be accomplished by the 24th of Christmas gift to myself.
I have no need for anything.  
I have a truly wonderful husband, 4 beautiful, insane and captivating children who give me reasons to smile, laugh and scream everyday.  
A wonderful family of support and love from my beautiful friends.  Wonderful close friendships with a few woman who 'know' me and who I am.
I have my life, my health and a heart full of happiness.
I prefer to give then receive...those who know me know what I'm like.
I'm the secret squirrel who organises gifts, surprises and love.
I get more out of someones happiness then having something sitting here collecting dust.
A smile, a hug and simple hello, how are you is worth far more then any millions in the bank.

I maybe injured atm but I am not letting that put any wall's up.
I WILL be making sure that my count down gets marked down to that magic number.

I wont be backing out either way.  I am committed and I will do this!

A 'gift' was emailed to me today...a picture of myself in Sydney that was taken after I was glamed up.
I had to do a double take.

who the hell is this chick?

I don't recognise her....wait I know those forehead squint lines and that cocky right eye raising thing.
Normally I would sit here and pick shit out of this chubby my face looks, how I have bag's, how shit and thin my lips look and my horrible moles that live on my face.
normally doesn't exist anymore.
I am in awe of myself.
My skin looks fresh, I have a glint in my eye, my hair is long and looks hot
I look happy
know why
cause for the first time in years I actually AM happy.
Free from negative forces
Free from stress
Free from terrible food.

I love life and all it has for me.
Live it, do it, love it



  1. Love it Maz - you are your gift to the universe. Keep on being awesome

  2. You are awesomeness is the package we call Mazzy. My god girl you are an inspiration!

    I've sent the link of your blog to my bestest biatch, because she needs to see with her own eyes that she can do what you are doing. Changes can happen, she can love life and realise how fucking awesome she is too.

    Love you Mazzy girl xxx

  3. You look like a gorgeous 50's pinup!! cute as