Thursday, January 24, 2013

Setting goals...f'curry chicken

Goals....what the hell are those?
Are they like promises we make and then break to our selves?
Those empty little things we agree to that we slowly back out of at the last minute
 cause we're scared shitless?

I made a vow for R1 - 2013 to finally make me some of these 'goals' and stick to my word.  I wont do big WOO HOO look at me, my shit is HOT no, I think I'll start with the small stuff, back to basic's and work my way up from there.

A wonderful friend posted a weekly goal board for herself. It was realistic, achievable and hit me between the eyes.  Hell yes!  Thats the shit I'm talking about!  But what the hell do you put on a list that has 12 vacancies and you can only think of 2 things??  Im more of a free spirit in that department. Yeah I plan stuff, organise things for the kids and hubby but me...mehhhh to hard department.  

What do I really really want to do for me? 
What would I like to achieve and how can I push myself that little bit to get a fist punch or 4?

I dont want to make it about numbers...that does my head in but its something that I want to over come.  I realise that the program consist's of weigh in's, measuring, bottling your farts and I want to be able not to be consumed by them so I dont crack the shits and walk away with my hands in the air in defeat like I did in R2 - 2012.  

Week 1 - 11th feb - get back out and walking my 6.5km's a week. Learn to strap my knee
Week 2 - 18th feb - take compliments without looking down. smile and say thank you.  Its all positive
Week 3 - 25th feb - be back up to running 500m without stopping (small steps)
Week 4 - 4th mar - Tuff mudder cow mud run - Shepparton Sunday 10th
Week 5 - 11th mar - be back to drinking 3L of water a day, EVERY DAY
Week 6 - 18th mar - swim 100m at the pool without stopping
Week 7 - 25th mar - Donate blood 12.30 - Wednesday 27th - run 1km non stop
Week 8 - 1st apr -  do 10 toe pushups. .yes scarey shit!!!
Week 9 - 8th apr - re evauluate my diet and make sure that I am keeping on track
Week 10 - 15th apr - swim 200m at the pool without stopping
Week 11 - 22nd apr - run 2km's non stop
Week 12 - 29th apr - Hopefully I have gotten myself down to 90kg's this round and done accomplished on this list.

There done and done.  I did it, its only taken me 4 hours to complete.  Man its not easy I tell you.  

Now im off to the shed to go find the weight bench and weights.  Time to tone and get organised peeps.

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