Monday, December 16, 2013

Running fun….or is that walking…meh its all happiness

Ive been wanting to do a blog post for the last few days and have had no idea how to start it.
Sitting here tonight, in bed, tears streaming down my face, snot bubbling out like no other, I decided now is the time. Enough fucking around Maz, get the shit out!!!!

Que picture one

Sunday 8th of December - 10km fun run at St Kilda - Sussan woman's fun run.  Waking time - 3.40am - leaving Mooroopna at 4am on the dot.  3 amigo's together, excited, half asleep and pumped we drove, killing a poor defenceless roo on the Hume in the process. 
 On the way decisions were made (will explain down further)

10km's done and dusted, some walked, some jogged, some run.
It felt fucking amazing to cross that line. That last bit, running it in was hard.  All I could think about was my dad, how much he told me to do it and how much I missed him.  Tears pricked my eyes and I swear to god, I saw him in the crowd near the finish line. 
Running always makes me think of dad.  He told me long ago that if I wanted to get fit that I should run from one light post to another, then walk until I got the next one, then do it all again.
Its funny cause I told him that's called interval training…nahh its light post miles….he told me.  
Light post miles mean everything to me now and at that finish line, 
I felt like I had done 1000's of them that day.

Feeling extremely high and after our decision from previous car trip down, Melinda and I joined Martine for the 5km walk, 15 mins after our 10km.

I have nothing but admiration, love and awe for these 2 girls.

They don't pretend to do extraordinary things, they just do them.
Getting up, having a go and fulfilling goals, pushing themselves and achieving greatness.
I couldn't of had 2 more awesome woman in my life.
They unknowingly have helped me out of a darkness, given me strength and never judged me on my capabilities or lack there off.
I cant thank them enough for what they did for me Sunday and I am so pleased that we had the chance to do something wonderful and tremendous together.

They, thoughts of my dad and the burning urge got to me pumped again when I got home at 1.30pm.
Checking my fit bit I went that's it, drive me to some stairs honey.
Stairs were found and I bumped my stair climb up to 50 sets for the day.
If that wasn't enough, pushy me took over and wanted my step total to get to 30,000 for the day on my fitbit.  I had 4000 steps to go.
Dressed in my finest pink bra *wolf whistle* and shitty legging's I decided that the driveway, behind the safety of the closed colour bond gate of course, would be my new little track.
I don't know how many times I ran up and down that fucker but my god, I did it.  
I ran for 20mins (ok ok I waddled) got one of the kids to get me a singlet top so we could open the middle gate and put our own misting section up *cough* sprinkler on low.

With the help of my babies, I did it. I didn't even have to push myself, I just did them.
We giggled, squealed and had fun.
That's what its all about isn't it?
Enjoying those special moments with the ones you love.

In the mean time
I'm trying hard to follow the following quote's.
Some days are easy then others but as long as I have them in the back of my mind, 
I know I'm trying to be the best me I can.


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  1. You my lovely lady friend are freaking amazing and I love the quote from your dad. I will think about light pole miles every time I am out running and run past one.

    I only wish you lived closer so we could go out running together and probably share a few quiet beers afterwards.

    Chin up Maz, you are an extraordinary lady.