Thursday, July 4, 2013

1 oh my

Today is one of those days!!!  As Julie would say - its a for fuck's sake day!

Today marks 1 week since my new juicing path
Ive lost 4.3kg's in that week (9pounds and 7 oz)
I have NEVER lost so much before in 1 week

I started this to get cleaner, get back to my raw food eating ways.
I have to say it hasn't been easy, Ive felt guilty almost for having a little to eat BUT I'm listening to my body...I'm tuning into it.
I don't crave food like I use to.
My caveman yearnings for meat have subsided (can you believe that shit)
I watch...yes watch people eat and think mehhh nope not interested.
I am finally drinking 2L of water a day again

The last 8 weeks saw me put on a shit load of weight.
By a shit load I mean a fucking shit load!
New scales were 4kg's more but shit all of a sudden I'm back up to
To say I'm not happy is an understatement
Yes exercise has subsided due to it being freeing cold (sorry -4 mornings don't get me going)
My work schedule as well as hubbies has been utter madness and juggling that with 4 kids isn't easy.
Eating has been utterly CRAP.  Allowing myself to not eat breaky again and fall into the same crap I did for all those years...just when you think you have something you get all cocky and it falls to shit!
Ive been quiet depressed due to a few family members causing stress and honestly Ive been quiet disapointed with other elements in my life which I dont feel comfortable discussing at present.

To make myself accountable and keep on track 

Wednesday 4th July
weighing in at 111kg's

today saw me weigh

I'm pissed...yeah a little.  I worked so hard to get down to under 100kg's and hello *bitch slap to face* 
I'm going to get back there, be healthy and hopefully not come back up again.

I'm forgetting that Ive had a sore neck and head all day
forgetting that the kids screamed, kicked and screamed some more at each other
forgetting that there was no electricity today
forgetting that I had 20 things to do on my to do list and only did 3 of them

I'm taking my freshly juiced yumminess to work with a smile on my face

mwahs lovelies


  1. I'm there with you baby - back over the 100kg mark. We'll get back there! xxx

  2. Maz you have a power in you that will succeed. Just remember that.