Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 4 - Sammi Special

What are best friends for I ask...sharing their yummiest juice recipes with, that's what.
Today I made Sammi's favourite and it shall be from here onwards be know as Sammi's Special.


Sammi's Special

1 beetroot
2 carrots
1 stalk celery  2 red apples
6 leaves of Kale
little ginger

Sam told me to tread carefully with the ginger cause to much can make it turn nasty.
I also replaced the lovely disgusting celery with 2 red apples.

I also had a helper today who couldn't wait to juice everything for me but wasn't in it when it came to tasting the out come.
Although she said it smelt fine its looked weird.

My verdict on the juice

Yep love it!
I have a thing for raw beetroot as many of you would know anyway.  I love it grated raw on my wraps and in salads but juiced...MWAH!!!! hot shit baby!!!
So thank you my beautiful Sammi for sharing it with me.

I'm hoping my stupid flu is on the way out the door.  My cough is minor to what it was and my chest isn't as heavy so I'm hoping to get back to the gym wednesday night.

Today in the 30 plus group some wonderful gal's started a wonderful selfie idea.
To take a picture of yourself and write the good and the bad things about yourself on it
to end it with
I am fucking awesome and so are you.
You know it took me ages to think of shit to put on mine and then I didn't like the first one and did another and ahhhhhh BRAIN FARTING TIME!!!!
So here they are, sharing both of them in here now

It was a great exercise to reflect where I have been, who I am and where I'm hoping on going.
I saw so many awesome pictures of woman and a few men (Greg) doing so many different things.
Their faces echoing out the words they had typed.
Some, well nearly all of them, stung at my heart. 
Things I have never known about some.  I see them with a different light behind them now.
We never really know people.  To many of us hide behind a happy smile, silly jokes and pulling the piss out of ourselves.   We don't tend to open up, hiding behind the happiness when inside parts of us are screaming out,  dying in silence. Over the last 2 days, Ive learnt the pain, the sadness, the strength and the shine these people have.  The totally amaze me with their determination and trust in sharing those moments and thoughts with others.
Thank you 30plus team


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  1. you are fucking awesome!
    Kudo's on the juice, I had a green smoothie run for a while but I feel out of the habit so good on you for getting into it