Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 3 - nasty nasty

What am I talking about

fucking celery!!!

You can dip that shit in chocolate, wrap it up in bacon or pay me a million dollars
I wont be having that in my juice again!

I can handle it cooked in in small amounts but in juice
no, no maz says FUCKING NO!!

I don't care how much YOU love it, how yummy it is, how good it is for my body.
Its disgusting!
I took my morning breaky juice and had my head in the sink, dry ralphing with an audience of 4 kids laughing at me cause I drank that green 'slim' and 2 cats trying to catch glimpse of what wasn't coming out of my throat.

I have to say though I really don't feel hungry.  My tummy isn't screaming out FEED ME, its my brain.
I feel like Ive given up smoking again.  My ciggies were always in my hand, it gave my hands something to do. Instead my mouth hasn't got food in it to chew and they want something to do.
Last night - I caved and had a salad sandwich...yep all my brain could do was tell me I needed  it and I went with it.
Know what I discovered.
Half way through it I thought why am I eating this, I'm not even hungry.  It doesn't taste right.
I finished it and sat there wondering why on earth I did what I just did.
Even though I was getting everything from my juice was I missing just food in general?

I have to serve customers this sort of food every night.  Before 12wbt and my life change I would of stood there, with my mouth watering and busting everything to sit and inhale the lot. Now...meh couldn't give a shit.   I took my night juice with me to work last night and I very happily drank that.  I did get a giggle out of my boss and work colleges as they screwed up their faces at it.
Yet I still had that sandwich.  After a night with tummy cramps I made a decision.
I would have a snack of raw fruit / veggies with a home made dip of no fat Greek yogurt and french onion soup combined.
It worked a treat.  No wanting to eat anything tonight, even though I made a roast chicken with steamed veggies and roast potatoes.  Nothing.
OH and best of all, tried the dip on the kids and they LOVED it. Mateauz even asked me for more.
Seems he's become a bit of a juice lover aswell. Informing us if its nioce or yucky...he was spot on with the celery one of course *wink*

I think I may have OD'ed on the orange concoction from yesterday as well, lets just say the gases protruding from my butt werent' pretty and the smell of fermented oranges remained in my bedroom until I opened the windows and aired it out this morning.  Bloody bastard didn't help with this stupid cough either.
I will make sure I don't put so many oranges into my juices from now on

When you think about it though, the amount of whole foods that are put into juice in comparison to what you would eat is hugely different.  There is no way I would eat 2 apples at one time, let alone all the other ingredient's involved in one glass of juice.
I'm starting to feel a little lively again.  My bloating has simmered down.  My house has looked like a bomb site for the last few months due to travelling, family business and work commitments..this weekend has seen me tip Vy's bedroom on its ear, pump out an order and prep for another, actual fold washing once it was dry and began on the mammoth task of decluttering our room. Shit I might even unpack my suitcase from my girls weekend in Darwin from 3 weeks ago yet.

Here's to monday and day 4


Recipe for dip
no fat Greek yogurt and 1 packet of french onion dip


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