Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 1 DONE!

Cant believe day done and dusted.
I never thought that I would find just juice filling enough.  No chewing was done yesterday and my jaw doesn't miss it.

It was lovely not to wake up through the night with the normal pains in my bowel's and feeling like I had slightly soiled myself this morning.  Here's to hopefully cutting down potty time to twice a day instead of the usually 5 -6.  I mentioned this detox to someone yesterday and they said get ready to shit through the eye of a needle.  Sadly that's nothing new to me.  I'm really hoping that by doing this detox that my bowel gets clean and my body gets rebooted.

Today, due to my stupid bloody flu I'm going to be making this OJ juice for my 'snacks'
I need a huge vitamin boost cause cold and flu tablets are doing shit and I'm so sick of coughing my lungs out.  This has been my first flu in 13 months so I guess I cant really complain.

2 small oranges
2 handfuls chopped pineapple
1 inch ginger root
3 leaves romaine or green leaf lettuce
Squeeze of lime
Dash of ground turmeric and ginger

Directions:1.) Peel oranges.

2.) Core and chop pineapple.

3.) Cut lime in half and cut ginger root.

4.) Wash lettuce.

5.) Place oranges, pineapple, lettuce and ginger root in juicer.

6.) Pour into glass then squeeze lime and stir.

7.) Sprinkle the juice with a dash of ground turmeric and ground ginger.


Substitutions:Oranges – grapefruit
Pineapple – kiwi fruit
Lime – lemon
Ginger – lemon
Turmeric – cayenne

Working in a fish and chip store has its ups and downs. Last night I turned a down into an up.  Having fellow staff continuously tell me that they are 'starving' and another ask me at least 3 times in one shift ' so Maz whats for dinner at your house tonight ' doesn't help my cause either. I totally HATE thinking about food all the time.    Tray of chips came out and I thought hmmm just one chip and I stopped myself right there.

I began to question myself to why I wanted that 1 chip

  • was I really hungry?
  • was it cause of the smell?
  • did it look appealing to me?
OMG my brain did a back flip...holly shit something CLICKED finally!!!

  • no I wasn't hungry at all, actually quiet the opposite, my tummy wasn't asking for food at all
  • the smell was actually blerg.  All I smelt was the oil used to cook the food in
  • HELL NO!!!  it looks...revolting to me.  
I was socially those social smokers. We all know its not good for us but we grab at what we can get to fit in, be part of the cool group.  I wanted to eat that one chip because it was there and I had to have it before anyone else could.

I didn't eat that chip or its friends.  I took the entire tray and threw them into the bin with a smile.


Now day 2 has started and WOW is all I can say.

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  1. Good on you babe!! Juicing diet is bloody hard! I haven't used my juicer in ages actually. Should get back into it. Lessons i learned though, not too much ginger, not too much celery or it tastes like ass lol