Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ending 2013 with a bang!!

This year I put caution to the wind.
I tried things that I only every dreamt off.  Climbed over those mind obstacles.
Never in my life would I have considered doing a fun run, let alone get muddy, get hot in the heat and have fun doing it.

I started the year with doing the Mad cow dash in March.
12km's of mud, water, sliding down hills on your arse, gravel in your knee's, wasp stings, chaffing on the arm, smelly bits, laughter, heat and happiness.
I couldn't of done it with a better group of ladies.
My cherry for adventure was popped.

Next was the Mother's Day Challenge in May
Vyolett who had been suffering with a bulging disc for months cried at the thought of not being able to do the 4km's with me.  
Thankfully, my little girl was well enough and ran 2km's...both of us side by side.
I cant tell you how proud of her I was and still am of her for giving it her all.
My little Bowreguard at aged 6 was happy as hell.
And because of this, we have decided to do it every year.  
I couldn't think of any better way to spend mothers day

 I signed up for the 5km pink ribbon run in August.
Heavily sick with a chest infection I got up and just tried.
No cheer squad, no one but me and I kicked my own arse.
I ran/walked it in 46 mins and was totally happy with the bench mark I set myself.

Fast forward to October.
I hit the road at 5am that morning to drive to Echuca for the Sweat V's Steam and catch up with the gorgeous Jodie.
We started together and went at our own paces.
Although I cut over 3 mins off my previous 5km time, it was here I realised how unfit and unprepared I was.
So many thoughts went through my head and well, lets just say it was the kick up the arse I needed.

Last weekend saw me and my buddy Melinda drive to St Kilda and complete the city to surf 14km section of the day.
There was no running, no competing, we kept a steady, even place and although the blisters on our feet from the 10km's walked the day prior (don't ask) we finished it in under 2 1/2 hours.
Was a gorgeous day, the atmosphere was encouraging, supportive and happy.
The views were fabulous, the smelly beach not so and the sunburn kept the memory of the day alive when we got back home.

My last fun run for the year will be held in a few weeks.
I'll be driving back down to Melbourne to complete the 10km section of the Susann's woman's fun run in aid of Breast Cancer Network Australia.
Something that hits home well and truly for our family as my beautiful mother inlaw Betty fought and hit that bugger on the head.
details of the fun run can be found HERE

I have set up a fundraising page to help raise fund's for the Breast Cancer Network Australia.
If you can find it in your heart to donate a little please pop over to
I'm hoping to raise $500 for BCNA
If you happen to go into my work (shameless plug now) Archer Street Takeaway in Shepparton, 
you'll see a little bottle on the counter top were  donations are  appreciated.

Now to look forward to what 2014 brings me
Bucket list of challenges great and small is being constructed.
watch this space

xxx Maz

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