Saturday, November 16, 2013

you might of got a medal but you didnt come first fatty

Dear Sir on the tram

I'm sorry sir for how upset you were at the amount of people on the tram.

I'm sorry that you were  annoyed by the amount of people who were in your way when you were wanting to get off.

I apologise that you took my words of support the wrong way.  I was sincere and understood your frustration.

I have no apologise for the chuckle that I held in my throat when you decided to come back to the open door of the tram and tell me what you thought of my medal and my appearance.

Dear Sir

I for one know how hard it is when we're having a bad day.  The frustration when people block your route.  I climb road blocks every day of my life, trying to guide, love and help my special needs children and their siblings.  I jump hurdles with keeping my house clean and working part time.  I push barriers with my expectation's of my self.  I wake up every morning not knowing how bad the sickness I have lived with for over 3 years will effect me for the day.

I don't feel the need to degrade others to justify my inner arsehole in the process at a spur of a moment.

Yes I received a medal, which I wore proudly.  I worked hard to get that medal Sir.  I got myself up of the couch, up out of my sess of self pity and stood on my 2 feet.  I got those feet moving, one after the other whilst keeping my mouth shut from those foods that poisoned my body for a long time.
That medal was my token of air punch for the last 23 months of hard work.
I didn't just walk 14km's for that baby. Oh no dear Sir.  I walked 100's of kilometres, in -4 degree's mornings, with rain hitting my face whilst it stung my arms.   I walked those kilometers with the self doubt, the negative in my mind.  Voices of all those doubters and haters in my ear,  laughing at me.  My tears, dear sir have been hard earned.  Those blisters on my feet and open wound's from falling have been my victory scares, my flesh medal's or love and honour.

And Dear Sir, whilst you felt the need to call me 'fatty' your words fell, sadly on deaf ear's.  I have been hurt by lesser words and smaller actions.  Your taunting word may have cut my heart like a knife back in the day but today I found it quiet humorous.  I pity your wife, with your high held expectation's on how a woman should look and strive for in her life.  Sad that you think every race must be won, instead of enjoying the fact that one can simply participate and complete something to satisfy your heart.  I dearly hope that you don't place such great expectations on her or your children.

Please enjoy the pictures of my how wonderful off a day I had.  Ive attached them to this post for your viewing enjoyment Sir.  Sadly they don't include the 3km's walk to the actual 'race' or the 3km's walk back to the hotel.  The also don't include the 10km's I walked in thongs yesterday but I doubt very much that would interest you at all.  My apologies again Sir.

Dear I didn't come first.  I was actually 8672 behind the winner.
But thank you sir for putting light on me, placing me into your verbal attack and helping me realise exactly how much I am winning in the little obstacle's I face everyday.

Kindest regards from the fatty who got a medal, but didn't come first.


  1. How awesome for you to see the humerous side of what was a very angry man trying to hit back at the world.

    You should be proud of your accomplishments and should wear that medal proudly. Good for you. LOVE this post!!

  2. You.Are.Awesome! Such a great blog hun xxx