Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Judgement day

the day I have been dreading....measuring up and weighing in.

I get on such a high when I do the the feeling exercise gives me. I feel like I could take on the world.  Yesterday saw me jogging 2km's on an off and walking 8km's...a calorie burn off off over 1000.
Boo Yeah!!!!  Im so happy to be back into it.  

Venturing onto the forum after my morning session in -2 degree heat I noticed weigh in and measurements  could be put in....bugger it, bite the bullet, stripped to my flabby freezing glory and got the measuring tape out.   

Happily I hadn't put on heaps of cm's in the last 4 weeks...but I was pissed at myself for putting on 2kg's.  Bloody dickhead how did I do it!! I tell you how..... I ate Macca's for the first time in 6 months and though ahh it doesn't matter I'll just work it off....again DICKHEAD!!!!  Ive been drinking less water and preferring cups of tea with sugar and milk...again DICKHEAD!!

I had a few weeks of between rounds. Ive had so much going on in my life that I couldn't concentrate and thought dropping my mornings for a bit would help....yes we can say it, all together now 


Well I can tell you, that shit IS NOT happening again!!!  
Not only did I manage to put weigh back on but
  1. bad habit of night time grazing decided to pay me a visit, 
  2. the apples that I had in my pantry decided to stay in the fruit shop  
  3. this little prick of a thing called depression  decided to come and park his arse back on my couch.
after today's picture was taken, in all my pink bra, granny knickers and over the moon, teeth showing dazzling smile I'M making my self a list, and checking it twice!

Today I will
  1. not eat after 7pm
  2. kick the scruffy arshole depression to the curb and will never let him in my house again
  3. drink more water and if I want a hot drink I'll boil the jug and put lemon in hot water
  4. BUY FUCKING APPLES and bring them home!!!!

This is my picture for the beginning of round 2.  Please note the same pink bra and knickers as discussed previously...also not the I refuse to smile because I HATE beginning of round pictures.

Im going for a hot shower and I might find a lemon or 2 to suck on.


  1. Oh Don't beat yourself up Maz... It's hard work being GOOD all the time... A slip now and then isn't the end of the world... Its making you more determined. You see the consequences and have seen the error in your ways. I too have the same issues... a husband who likes takeaway so resisting is hard but as long as its not every day your doing well. dong something is better than doing nothing!!

    Being healthy SOME days is better than NO days Maz same as exercise. Better to do it sometimes than not at all. Beating bad habbits wont happen overnight but your doing super well... Keep it up hun. Your braver than me... I refuse to take a pic of me in my undies.... too ashamed :(

  2. I am a fellow dickhead Maz... managed to put on the same amount as you. I will just do each round over and over and over until i have incorporated it completely into my lifestyle. Great you've started a blog, will look forward to reading along.