Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sole mates

Saturdays are the BOO YEAH days!!! 1000 calorie burn baby!!!
I set my self a goal to walk and jog 15km's last night....3 laps of the of the huge 3.5km block us locals use, plus walking to and from it from my house, then adding another 1km on top of it.

My alarm scared the living crap out of me and without even thinking auto pilot kicked in. 
  • toilet first (ahhhhh)
  • Listerine my chopper's (cant have bad breath for my 'morning hello's to the other walkers)
  • throw on my 2 sport bra's ( girls jiggling wildly whilst jogging equal's OWIES!!!!!)
  • singlet and then deodorant to keep the stentch at bay
  • t-shirt - Michelle Bridges brand capri work out pants in red off course and slazenger jacket thrown on
  • Adidas tennis hat to accommodate unkempt, free balling hair
  • ipod check
  • and beloved saucony omni runner's

These puppies have been my best friends since February.  I began with a pair of asics which tore my feet protest to my new found love of walking.  The blisters were horrible and the pain in the ball's of my feet were unbearable.  I took the plunge after having to take my shoes off 1km from due to them bleeding and weeping.

I will never forget the feeling the boy's gave me when they slipped onto my feet that first time.  They belonged to me...we completed each other.  We walked through a bad summer storm together, dodged a crazy woman who decided urinating in the street was the done thing (yes I kid you not, she stood and urinated, there in front of me without even blinking) and we ran together.

Over the last 2 weeks Ive noticed that my toes have started to splay out with my steps, feeling the foot path's hard concrete through them meant they were on their way to that great place in the sky...shoe utopia.

This morning, on lap 2 of my great 15km feet started screaming in pain.  Hello blister on my small toes, on the INSIDE of the toe just to make life more fun.  So my feet, being feet, decided to compensate the pain and walk more on the insides.....can you feel my pain???
Id rather have carrots stuck in my ears by the Easter bunny.

I completed my 15km's.  Picture is the time and the calories used for the mammoth effort

Once I took my shoes off i noticed how bad my feet were.
Into town I went on a mission to get me a new pair of sole mates.
After hobbling around from sports store to sports store I sat and kept back the tears after being told no we don't have an saucony's in store ATM.

Then - out of the mountains of shoes, a pair gleamed and called my name.

They have had their introductions and saucony has given Adidas a peep talk of what to expect.
The saucony boy's and I have walked over 600km's together.
The Adidas twins have got alot to live up to.

Saucony boy's
February 2012 - June 2012
Loved, forever more

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