Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What a friggen AWESOME week!!

Jumped on the scales....down 3.3kg's since last week, UP energy, UP happy factor, UP loving life again!!

Had something utterly amazing happen to me Monday
1 pair of Black Milk Muscle's was sent to me from a amazing bunch of chick's who really shouldn't have BUT I am eternally great full.

I promptly wore them for my morning session Tuesday with a pair of 3/4 pants so not to scare to many people driving to work at 5.30am.  Giggled as one of the guy's Couldn't make eye contact with me at all and the owner said I should get a matching top...mmmmm nahhh I don't think so.
Last year, there was no way in hell I could of put one leg into one of these guys....I never realised it would feel so good to be able to fit into a pair of....LARGE tights!!!

Found my most favourite red top/dress in the back of the wardrobe yesterday, dug it out and it hung like a sack on me.  I threw it in said wardrobe in disgust just before Christmas because I could just get it on and my tummy rolls were swollen and pressing up against the stretched fabric.

Finding pic's and reflecting my feeling's about that time was high on the agender over the last 72 hours

One of my closest and best friends took some family pictures for me last year in August.  I know I'm smiling and all in the picture...but looking at it, I have so many high school taunts screaming at me.  Year 7 to when I left the horrible school in year 9 I was nick named moon face because I had a round face and no fringe.  I wasn't an overweight teen, I ran every day and ate extremely healthy but I was taunted every day with it.  I thankfully still have some wonderful friends from back then, we sort of clung to each other in our shy, awkwardness.  If those people who name called me really knew me, they would of gotten to know the real person I was...not the name.

Its the only downer I had this week and it didn't down me for very long. I wont forget them all together becuase they make me who I am now.

See these chicks above....each one off them have their own demons, their own battles yet they support, love and nurture any who need it.  I am truely grateful to have gotten to know these wonder woman who give so much of themselves freely (Ohhh now doesn't that sound naughty) and still fighting their own causes.  I absolutely had a ball doing the Michelle Bridges work out finale last month with them all.  
Its one day I will never forget.

First work out EVER!!! I laughed, worked my arse off and loved every minute of it!!
Picture says a 1000 words..this one says
...ah piss off... I'm hurting...boo yeah baby....ahh it burns make him STOP!!!  get the picture!
I makes me smile and feel empowered! 

I even got a pic with the the woman who has helped us get of the couch herself.
poor bugger was freezing her ninny off but man, she is awesome!!!
Smiled for every picture and never said no if anyone asked.
I must admit, I got a bit star gazed in her presence. 
 Shit I went from hearing her yell at me (yes she's become one of my 109 personalities in my head)
while doing workouts, running to keep going to actually standing next to her and having my arm around her.......I TOUCHED MICHELLE BRIDGES!!!! ner ner!!!

All week has been amazing. So many positives
Yes it surely has!!!!

Bring on next week....I'm ready for you biartch!!!

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