Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last week I kicked ARSE!!!  Did a boxfit class and burnt off over 800 calories and couldnt feel my arms for an our afterwards.  I had the shakes of someone suffering meth withdrawals afterwards.  I felt PUMPED!
Friday night I did a lift class.  Started with 2.5kg's on each side, I snarled at myself...yeah right as if that was going to do shit.  Half an hour later, I was on my back, knee's in the air, sweating and puffing away....2.5kg's was felt and it was HARD!!!!
Sunday is rest day.....I HATE rest day (ba humbug).  I always feel to feel glum and depressed if I do nothing.  Even housework doesnt do anything for me (does it for anyone??)  What was a girl to do but go for a quick half hour walk with a 1km jog thrown in.....ahhhh feel that, its the sigh of a happy chicky.
I churned out over 5800 calories last week.  I ate clean, watched my intake to the calorie...and then decided to get on the scales monday.....come on....say it with me


I had put on 1.7kg's from last wednesday. What the hell!!!!  How does that shit happen?  It's still int he back of my mind pissing me off.  I feel as soon as I get near the 105kg mark something comes in to say ner ner, you cant touch this!!! GRRRRRRR.  
I know what your saying, its not about numbers, its about getting healthy and doing good things for you body...but it does come down to numbers when for years yourve seen 120 - 130kg's..... want it!! I want to taste what its like...I want to see the magic 100kg..better still I want to see 99.9kg's!! *stomping foot like a fat kid who didnt get cake*
Measuring week is this week as its week 4.  Week 1 we had to measure ourselves and every 4 weeks we strip own to our fun suit and measure all those embarrasing places....I really didnt expect anything much, shit if I havent lost a great load of weight be stuffed if I would of lost much cm wise. I will eat my shorts after a gym work out...I lost 18cm in 4 weeks. Holly crap!!!

Measurements from round 1 - week 1 were

week 1   round 1     
chest -  120.5cm  
hips  -  137cm 
waist -  117cm 
arms   - 40cm   
thighs  -  75cm 

Measurements from round 1 - week 4 were

week 4 round 2 
chest - 109cm
hips - 118cm
waist -  95cm
arms   -   35cm
thighs   - 62cm

The tape measure is the size my waist WAS in the first week in round 1.

How did I live like this?

Gone are the large bubbles of fat that were on top of my elbows although the bingoflap's are still there, they are decreasing in their flight zone allowance.
No longer do my innner thighs lap over each over when I walk which means no more worn out crotch in pants.
My ankles, wrist's and collar bone have come and reintroduced themselves to the world.
Stretch mark's on my tummy have become more apparent to me.
The ample gunt which hide certain parts like a certain is slowing going up like a roman blind and a peep of my jaja is shly saying peeka boo.

Yes, life is good.  
Here's to hoping that the scales WILL be kind to me tomorrow otherwise there going to get a beating with a sledge hammer


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