Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Epic Weekend!!! EPIC round!!! Part 1

I have been sitting here in a daze since ... well last Thursday.  Ive laughed, been moody, cried half way through laughing, screamed, been morbid, exhausted, hypo, overwhelmed, over joyed.


I am still me.

Take you guys back to last Thursday...sitting waiting for the school bell to go so I could take my babies home from school and Mateauz goes and splits his chin wide open on the concrete stairs.  Holly shit this kid is going to be the death of me!  Off to the doctor's to get it glued together we go...cause of this Maz runs late for work...Maz cries in car..FUCKING STRESS!!!!
Through the night I kept checking my phone incase Jed messages me that Mateauz has knocked himself out or god knows what.  At 7pmish I receive this email


You are one of the top 10 Finalists for Round 1, 2013!! This year we are doing things a little bit different - there will be the top two Overall Transformations, Advanced Lean & Strong award, Blogger of the Round and Inspirational Role Model. These five awards will go to one of the 10 finalists, could it be you!?!

Say fucking WHAT?!!!
Surely not me....they must of sent it to the wrong person???  no really...someone is playing a funny joke on me and their gonna piss themselves laughing when I reply back.
Driving home was a blur as I spoke to Kirsty all the way...well if you could all it walking, there was a hell of alot of screaming going on.
I made a decision not to say anything openly in the 30 plus group or my FB page incase it was a mistake.
This type of thing doesn't happen to no.

I don't think I slept Thursday night.  Excitement at meeting up with my gorgeous friends and this news made me think far to much.  I think by the time my 5am training session came I had had 4 hours sleep...yes I did say 5am and training in the same sentence.  Ain't no excuses to not get off arse and get into it.

Come Friday I kissed my babies goodbye at school drop off and got ready for what was to be a total eye opening weekend.
I was going to meet such a variety of people, some shy, some loud, some just well them. 
 Loved every single one of them.
Me...shit I was so overwhelmed by everything that I sat back.  My nerves were round housing each other in my stomach so if I thought to much, the urge to urinate there and then made itself known.

Friday dinner was many faces and names to remember...I am totally crap at remembering names.  So I smiled and tried to make a mental note but that urge to urinate would hit me time and time again.  One thing that I do remember was how different I now eat.  I watched people eating things I use to love, shit my mouth use to water and my urge to grab it out of their hands and throw it down my throat before them was totally gone.  I really surprised myself, in a good way.  I didn't eat hot chips, the smell turned me off to start with.  I use to love a good parmi but the sight of the melted cheese on top made a little bit of spew enter my mouth.  As cute as the miniature hamburgers were the thought of all that bread in my stomach made my arse clench.
I spoke to some amazing people that night.  Smiled, laughed and even got myself a newly appointed manager and stand in Maz. 
I also realised how many other people were nervous. I noticed how many people would look at your name badge and then stand back so to speak.  I thought it was weird but then got to thinking that perhaps I wasn't the only one who was a little intimidated by the sheer amount of people there. Meeting people you speak to on the net for so long in the flesh can be a bit of a spin out.
I got to speak and chat to one of my inspiration's and spoke to others who had given a bit of themselves to me without realising.
It truly was a wonderful night.  Organised so well,  even if we did look like a lesbian speed dating night at some stages (to quote my manager).  Shit I even won a lucky door prize. Which reminds me I must dig that out so I can read it

I didn't drink a drop of alcohol Friday night either.  I was more then happy with my water plus I didn't want to make to much of an arse of myself...nahhh I'll wait for Saturday night for that.
I began to tell people I was in the top 10...lets face it, those who know me, know I cant lie for shit.  That overwhelming feeling came up time and time many people were excited for me...why wasn't I as excited as them?  Don't get me wrong, I was but being up on the stage.. I was going to have to stand up on the stage SHIT!!!! No I cant do that, I'll trip and fall, I'll end up doing something utterly stupid.  Perhaps though...OMG would that mean I finally get a medal?  My first? OK ultimate payment would be a medal. Get your shit together can do to the toilet again I go.

Saturday was exciting....there was such a wonderful buzz in the air.  Breakfast was tremendous. To see so many of the 30 plus crew hanging out together, smiling, laughing and happy.  It really gave me the warm and fuzzies.  My mood became softer and mellower.
I ended up in the top 5 fancy dressed people.  I wore my jester Black milk legging's accompanied with a hat and a stick.  I didn't win, how could I with the awesome appearance of Greg and his girls dressed in the a borat G Banger and rainbow hair. They looked fucking awesome! 

Now I was naughty and departed before the workout began.
Yes 3 firm smacks for Maz.

My wonderful friend and support person Melinda, Melanie and I high tailed it to the once in a blue moon Black Milk sale in Collingwood.
Now if you know me, I love Black Milk.  I wore my muscle legs to the Sydney work out and my jester leg's to the Melbourne work out.

I had to meet the guys in the flesh and help Melanie pop her black milk cheery.
I was wrapped.  
I got to see one of my beautiful and close friends there

Tracy who also has a great love for Black milk

I also saw a few others that I haven't seen in such a long time.

 Of course I had to take pictures with the boys

They were bloody awesome!!

I also had to star fish in the pile of leg's, I may or maynot have even farted in excitement in this picture.

Saturday night started all well and good
but you'll have to check out part 2 for what happened


  1. Mazzy good things happen to good people. You have to remember that :)

    MC x

  2. Lols bloody love love that picture of you star fishing in the pile of BM!