Thursday, May 2, 2013

End of Round 1 - 2013

I'm sitting here, Friday morning looking at my suitcase which is busting at the seam's, ready for me to drag it to the train station to catch the 12.57 pm to Melbourne.

I barely slept last night...excitement of getting away from the kid's, having some girl time and spending loads of time with a heap of people that Ive come to call my friends via the net.  There is so much crammed into this weekend. Meet up tonight, HUGE workout tomorrow with atleast 1000 people, cab ride over the the Black Milk sale in Collingwood, back to the hotel for a quick shit, shower and shave before hair and makeup.  THEN the huge party where we laugh, cry and dance our socks off until they kick us out.   I'm really thankful I'm not taking the 6am flight back home like we did from Sydney...oh man, hang over was fierce and jet lagged kicked in on the train on the way home.

Looking at my results this round have stumped me.  While Ive lost 3kg's and approx 14cms I've lost a huge amount from my gunt, lost my kankles  and coffee table back.  Thankfully all my details were still stored in the program form my previous rounds.

These were my stat's when I started Round 1 - 2012.  I had already lost a vast amount of me via pre season but wasn't pretty and I remember crying when I put the numbers in thinking I would NEVER see them again!

Chest - 120.5cm
Waist - 117cm
Hips - 137cm
Left leg - 75cm
Right Leg - 75cm
Left arm - 40cm
Right arm - 40cm

I look at those numbers and I wonder how I never saw how high they were.  Shit me, my legs were 5cm's smaller then the recommended waist size of a woman. My arms just a little smaller them my daughters waist.  I was a walking advertisement for Michelin Tyre's for fuck sake.  My one regret was not measuring my gunt  and my neck. If your starting out now...DO IT for the love of god.

My stats from the end of this round

Chest - 104cm
Waist - 90cm
Hips - 115cm
Left leg -  61cm
Right leg - 61cm
Left arm - 33.5cm
Right arm - 33.5cm

The difference 15 months, hard work, lots of good healthy food, water, exercise and will power does

Chest - 15.5cm
Waist - 27cm
Hips - 22cm
Left leg - 14cm
Right leg - 14cm
Left arm - 6.5cm
Right arm - 6.5 cm

That's a difference of 105.5cm that's  bloody meter!!!!!  I'm sitting here, looking down thinking where the fuck did I have it, how did I live like that???

Don't get me wrong...I still have my fat girl in a skinny body days. You know the ones, when you go clothes shopping and you still go into the plus sized clothing section...or look in the mirror and get depressed at what you see.  But hey, I don't think it matters if your big, small, short or tall, we all have shit mirror / body image days.  We just need to be mindful of not allowing that old mindset to set in and feed that day for us.

I have no doubt I'm going to be having a is my gunt hang low or does my arse look big in these day sometime this weekend....I just have to keep in mind someone out there will be having a bad camel toe day as well.

Until the other side of the weekend. My shower is calling

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