Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Michelle posted the following on her Facebook page last friday

You should enjoy your food! Today I want to challenge you to sit down and eat your meals at a table, without distractions - that means no TV! Slow down and savour your food - if you are mindful about what you are putting in your mouth, you'll eat less! Xx

After reading it my word of the week popped out and introduced it's self to me



It's not just about the food...alright maybe just a little bit.  Everything taste so dame different now.  Its like I had a taste bud transplant or perhaps that I stopped my throw down my throat approach to eating. You know the sort of eating.....its all infront of you, you take one bite and inhale the remained of your meal only to find yourself disgusted once its all gone.  You cant remember how good it tasted because your throat became an open funnel to your stomach while you made sure food never danced with your taste buds.  Remorse set's in about 10 min's after your toxic consumption once the bloating, burping and farting start.
Now....I take my time, I let my food set in my mouth for a while, letting the flavours to slowly melt into my tongue and allowing me to savour every last mouthful.  I never realised how delishes a bloody apple was until I sat down and really tasted it. Little under ripe and its a bit tart, stingy almost but breathtakingly delishes.  Even though my meals are a 1/4 of the size of what they were, I feel fuller and my appetite is complete with what I eat because its not just my stomach that Ive feed, Ive manage to nurture my other sense's and wants by sitting back, smelling it all and enjoying every savouring moment.


Life is just a magic time we get to spend that seems to slide past so quickly.  So many of us are busy working day and night, forgetting the important things.  Money isn't the bee's all and end's all.  Telling our children not now..later is a fob off.  Stand back and watch....spending time with those close around you is more important then quiet, more important then working all hours to have that little extra in your pocket at the end of the week.
Hubby and I use to work ourselves to the bone.  Hubby at his position where he didn't and doesn't have a lunch break because he is so busy.  Me with my sewing business sewing 12 - 14 hours a day telling the kids sorry I cant play right now, mama has to work.  And for what?  To miss out on their laughter, making mud pies, jumping on the trampoline and most of all savouring their childhood with them. 
We've decided to make sure Sunday's are a no work day.  They are now family day's.  Together we do thing's that embed in our minds so we can smile later in the week with the memory of that time.  Its not just just about going out and spending money doing something either...sitting together, reading a book or playing a board game, feeling your children's happy laughter, going to the park for a picnic or going for a drive in the darkness of night to see the pretty fairy lights in the tree's to hear their astonished surprise at the sight of it.


I find its something we can take for granted.  Everyone has one, well we hope they do.  Friends except us for who not what we are, or so we hope.  Do we have big expectations off those about us that we hold close in our friend circle?  
I have no expectations from those who I consider close to me bah a hello once in a while.  The circle changes from time to time. Life styles clash, we move about and our interest's and minds change.  As sad as I am that certain friendship's have had the roads closed I understand that its due to the friendship not being valuable to either of us anymore.  I have learnt to take what I can and give equally as much to those friendships.  I will always remember the good times, take the negative to hopefully build and better myself from those mistakes with the next friendship I make.
The wonderful world of the internet has opened up a world people to talk to, immerse myself in and make beautiful friendships with.  Many of them have become a bundle of support and energy that I will be forever thankful for.  They put up with my craziness, my foot in mouth and my potty mouth.  They understand who I am, where Ive been and why I am here.    Some are more dreamy if you like and only keep you within arm's length for the love of the gossip....pffft I cant be arsed with that. If that's what floats their boat then honestly, I pity them.  

Ahhh yes friendships are something I savour.

Life has been good to me and given me one of the most beautiful friendships anyone could ask for.  I have lived  through some pretty shitful times, had some rip snorters.  In the same sense Ive had the most fabulous ups in my life so far...and Ive shared them all with my best friend.  I am so blessed to have her in my life....and no we don't see eye to eye on thing's BUT we listen, offer support, love that we are different and give to each what we can.  She will rip me a new one if I go over board, she will hug me and tell me she's proud if she sees fit.  Loves my babies like their her own and I do hers. I savour our friendship almost as much as life itself.  She was the first one I told of my interest in changing my life, in joining the 12wbt...and she backed me 110% of the way.

Thank you Sammi for always being beautiful you. Thank you for excepting me for me.

Another friendship that is important to me is the one I have with someone 10 years younger then me.
We train together, work together, hell our kids even go to the same school.
She listens, is open and supportive as well.
When we meet at a forum meet up I never in my wildest dream's had thought that we would be such great friends now.  We laugh, complain about how cold 5am is and pump weights together.
Shit she did the Sydney Bridge climb with me and helped me calm down  when I was scared.

Thank you Melinda for being just as beautiful inside and out


Yes - YOU!
Its hard to admit you are good at something, that you think BOO YEAH BABY I kicked arse.
We're taught all our lives to put other's before ourselves.  Being a mother you put yourself last.
Well that shit has changed!

Savour the moment you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you think 
DAME I'm hot.

Savour that you respect yourself enough to take time out of your day to have some time to reflect on what you accomplish every day.

Savour the lust and love you have in your heart to live life to its fullest

Savour that you are fortunate enough to be a better version of you.


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  1. WOW! I just love this, especially the friendships & yourself parts. It's exactly what I needed today. Thankyou :-) & congrats to you on your journey x