Monday, April 15, 2013

Checking the list - checking it twice

Time for me to go over the goal's I set myself way back in January at the beginning of this round.
*gulp* how much did I screw much didn't I follow on the list

Week 1 - 11th Feb - get back out and walking my 6.5km's a week. Learn to strap my knee
WINNING - walking a min on 7 km's a morning with most mornings being 9km's.  Saturdays sees me doing 15km's in total - this is all about to change

Week 2 - 18th Feb - take compliments without looking down. smile and say thank you.  Its all positive
WINNING - yes I have learnt that the word thank you is more then just a fob off word. I actually allow it to register that its a compliment and I smile knowing that the person saying the positive words to me actually means it and isn't being a nasty arse.

Week 3 - 25th Feb - be back up to running 500m without stopping (small steps)
FAILED - I didn't start this until week 9.  Excuse being my knee's and my inner demons feeding my nahhhh you cant do shit woman emotion.  Ive also used the excuse that I walk with someone now.  I'm a lone runner, I need my own headspace when doing it, its personal for me so put off doing it for a VERY long time.

Week 4 - 4th mar - Tuff mudder cow mud run - Shepparton Sunday 10th
WINNING - did it in just over 2 hours. Got muddy, laughed, tried obstacles and realised I have still got so far to go.  Helped me set new goals for myself in regards to my fitness and my strength.

Week 5 - 11th mar - be back to drinking 3L of water a day, EVERY DAY
FAILED - I was doing so well..shit I'm hopeless with drinking full stop.  I can go until midday without wanting anything to drink at all. I know mad isn't it??!! And this colder weather that's coming isn't bloody helping either, makes me want to drink even less.  Redoing this goal next round!

Week 6 - 18th mar - swim 100m at the pool without stopping
FAILED - never even set foot into the pool.  Reason being I got turned off from going to the gym and only being able to go a few days a week gave me the shits and I just thought mehhh to hard.  Piss pour I know but with the new goals I have set next round AND setting them in place already I'm hoping not to feel this way about the gym again.

Week 7 - 25th mar - Donate blood 12.30 - Wednesday 27th - run 1km non stop
FAILED on both accounts - My appointment was cancelled by the blood bank so I am now donating next Wednesday..which reminds me I better check when my hair appointment was #tappingfingeronchin. As for the 1km run...check with week 3

Week 8 - 1st Apr -  do 10 toe pushups. .yes scary shit!!!
FAILED - BUT I can do 9 which is utter huge for me.  I was grunting like a pig in heat after 5 BUT I bloody well did them! I couldnt do ANY last round at all!!

Week 9 - 8th Apr - re evaluate my diet and make sure that I am keeping on track
WINNING - I'm really happy with my diet.  Working in a fish and chip shop it is so temping to order something naughty and chow down on it on the way home in the car but it just doesn't interest me. Even soft I would of killed anyone if I didn't or couldn't have my pepsi max (pepsi max cause its soooo much healthier then any of the others #rolleyeslikeanidiot) no..meh its sugar in a glass for me.  My boss left her can of coke sitting on the bench and while I took it back into her at the kitchen I caught a wiff of it and......nothing. If anything it made me feel sick.  SOOO happy that my soft drink addiction is gone.
My portion sizes were getting a little out of control a few weeks prior this and I nailed it back on the head as soon as I noticed.  How did I notice?  Pimples...tell tale signs to me that Im eating to much and not drink enough. Knocking that right on its arse I tell you!

Week 10 - 15th Apr - swim 200m at the pool without stopping
FAILED - refer to week 6.
Winning running wise!!! This morning I ran 1 km straight....OH MY FURRY GOOSEBERRIES!!!!
My fear of falling again hasn't quiet vanished, I think it will always be there in some form BUT I want to run again.  I want that feeling of my body cooperating with each part of itself to feel alive and free.  The fat roll I had above my arse isn't bouncing anymore either...would that mean its shrunk or heaven forbid has it shrunk???

Week 11 - 22nd Apr - run 2km's non stop
TO BE ESTABLISHED - you never know :) just waiting for the time. Id be happy to continue the 1km at this stage but 2 would be the bee's knee's

Week 12 - 29th Apr - Hopefully I have gotten myself down to 90kg's this round and done accomplished on this list.
Why both?  cause this has become something more then what the scales are showing me.  While I'm not at 90kg's as yet...I am under 100kg's.  I am healthy as I nourish my body with GOOD food.  I nourish my mind with positive thoughts and welcome happiness with both arms.
I have had so many person, mental and physical changes.  Even me reading over the above, Winning / Accomplished know what...who gives a shit if I did either.  I know we need to set goals for a reason...they help us to achieve and keep active not just physically / mentally but everything is a WIN.  Getting up in the morning, getting my arse out that door as much as I hate it some times is a friggen win.  Being able to see the changes in my personality, reflecting my happiness on my family is a win.
Next round will see me do a new goal list.  Yet again I'll be putting down things I wish to achieve.  There will be things on there that I will never have tried and things on there that will be repeated from previous rounds. I have so many huge things planned for next round, some of which I have already started putting in place now.
If I win or fail  doesn't matter in the scheme of things.
What matters is that I get up and try.
Either way I'll be winning.

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