Friday, April 12, 2013

Its a morning thing...dont ya know.

sitting here on the loo doing this blog post
Why you ask?
Because I can I say.
No...I sadly cant move cause my knee is locked and my legs have gone to sleep....when I get up its going to be utter torture to my legs, that numb horrid feeling of them waking up kills like a bitch.
I took the lappy on the loo with me cause that's what most of us do (don't lie, you do it to) I wanted to check my emails quickly before diving into the shower.

BUT I'm stuck!!!
How did this happen......well let me take you back to 4am this morning.........

Heard child number 2 get up 4 or 5 times.....I lost count after the 3rd time.  Instead of taking the tissue box into his room, he continued to get up, turn the hall way night light on (which is right infront of my bedroom door), go to the lounge room to get a tissue, loudly blow his nose, dump tissue on the floor and then tramp back to his room turning the light of on the way...light on light off..stomp....stomp blow


4.52am I had had enough.
Child was back in bed, snoring, hubby echoing child number 2 but with more rattle in his end noting. Roll eyes, dame it, I'll get more peace and quiet outside in the dark.

Up I get....ITS SATURDAY!!!!!! My favourite work out day of them all!!

Getting of the loo and vaguely seeing myself in the mirror through my sleepy eyes, I tip toed my way to the lounge, tripping over the cat on the way and hubby's bloody work boots.
Clothes on, jumper on and outside here I come.

Yep, its dark. No one else is around.  Its errie when there's no sound.  Plenty of cat's around though, they look at me funny as if to say are you friggen for real woman??!!  Most scatter away scared I'm going to kick them up the arse...every now and then one comes and say hello and expects a pat.  I don't mind obliging at all. Nice distraction from the silence.
I meet up with my walking partner.  We give each other this look of...shut up don't talk to me..still sleeping.  This morning we actually didn't have our hoods on, it was quiet warm and the mozzies were abuzzing about us. Traipsing on we wake up and begin chatting about the day befores events, how crazy our kids are and how much our lives have changed in one aspect or another.

We've gotten use to the strange looks drivers give us on their way to work.  I think many of them have gotten use to seeing the two crazy woman power walking their booties along that time of morning.  We have a gentleman that comes into work and says he tries to catch a glimpse of us on his route but he never sees us...must be cause we're that dame fast we're a blur.*giggle*
My only complaint's about my mornings are the dame noise the cars and trucks make when they drive past us.  Don't they realise that we're trying to chat and that they are interfering with our conversation? The rudeness I tell you!!!

Every morning we're greeted by Peter, an elderly Italian man who's 5 foot nothing but has a smile the size of Victoria on his face. For the last year and a half I have seen him every morning Ive gone out and he always has a smile, walking happily saying hello to everyone on his travel.  His walk is a somewhat  a dance and his greeting almost a song.  His morning ritual of happiness is lovely and gives some enlightenment to the 8km's of walking done.

Weekends 'walking the dog' lady is resting.  Another person with a lovely smile.  It took her 13 months to smile and answer my good morning call.  I dare say her self lack of confidence contributed to her late learning of echoing me.  She walks with one arm out on an angle, as if she is walking an imaginary dog.  Its quiet noticeable and I dare say its from a stroke or something along those lines BUT to me, she's really inspirational...having such a disability and still managing to find her some ME time is remarkable.

This morning, as every Saturday morning it was double lap time.
What does this mean and how does this go back to me sitting on the loo in pain???

This is the view on the Midland highway on our second lap.
The sun was coming up and the sky way an absolutely breath taking in its orange, red and pink tones.
Of course the bloody camera didn't capture that now did it.

Double lap means we do 2 laps of the 4km block around the racecourse section of town and back home all the way down to MacDonald's and a lap around the Lake up the road from home.

THIS is said route

Its usually 13km's but this morning I decided to do an extra lap of the Lake and then began jogging...yes after 13 something km's my feet decided it was time to up the pace and dance with the road at tango speed.

Once I had gotten home I turn my runkeeper app on to see this

Pretty dame happy with that. I was hoping for 14km's but over 15.5km's just rocks my socks off, especially cause the last 500m's of it was jogged.  To be frank, Ive been scared shitless of running again.  After my epic fall last year it really really shocked me.  My knee still isn't 100% and my hand aches in the cool from the scaring on it. I'm so worried about falling again, or should I say I have been.  Running last year made me feel so bloody alive. I was up to 2km's a session and loving it. Head phones on, tunes pumping, world of my own...and then to nothing, it was bloody depressing.  I have to be by myself to do it though, I'm not comfortable running with anyone else...its my own personal space thing. Maybe its cause I'm afraid of fucking up again? I don't know...I just love the feeling of freedom running gives me, the sensation of air going in and out of my lungs and not feeling like I'm dying in the process anymore.  Knowing I can push myself by chanting in my head, right one more light post, only to get to that light post and say nope, keep going, the corner is up there YOU CAN DO IT. Envisioning a make believe cheer squad when I get to that corner and letting the adrenalin kick in to go a further 100 or 200m.
Once I reached home I decided to try and start my 185 squats for my 30 day squat challenge...I got to 100 and pulled the pin.  Bloody hell my legs are jellyified and my head was ready to explode.
You can always tell when you've had a great session, your clothes are wet and your body aches happily.  Well let me tell you, today's session was awesome cause when I took my undies off the bastards splattered on the floor and my feet lets steam marks on the tiles.  Boo bloody Yeah baby!!

So now here I am, knacked, happy, sweaty, exhilarated, hot, chuffed, aching but ALIVE.
I feel a Nanny nap calling me for this afternoon.
Right after I get the feeling back in my legs and cook some yummy healthy goodness for lunch
Pumpkin soup anyone????

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  1. Hilarious. Well done on the extra few kms and well odne on the jog. You will get back into it when you are ready, just keep smashing those workouts and I hear you on the screaming legs. Had the same thing this morning. Tabata workouts with star jump squats, plank jacks and a few other horrible things after a 7km run killed my legs as well.