Sunday, April 21, 2013


Last week Cath Sheargold suggested a word of the week to the 30 plus group.
 Utterly brilliant idea's woman she is.  It made me think, it hurt some and then made me think again.
I seem to be doing a hell of alot of that these days, you know thinking.
Tad bit dangerous for the old ways but tantalising for the person I'm becoming.

On this note I have decided that each Monday I will be picking a new word of the week for myself.
This weeks word


Using this to my best this week.
Now I realise its week 11 (shit where did this round go???) and preseason tasks for next round are rearing their heads.  Preparation seems fitting for this week.

I began yesterday.
Huge and I mean HUGE pot of pumpkin soup done the MB12wbt way.
Didn't help that next door came and bought 2 pumpkins over...well who am I to waste an opportunity.
My house smelt utterly YUMMY!!!
Lots to freeze, especially seeing I'm working 5 nights in a row week's end.

That word again


Last night I removal cream, know what, I will start and prepare my beauty treatment for the finale.  

Now popping it on my legs, this certain, lets say arse crack..yes perfect, decided that hell while I'm here, I'll try the bikini line, getting it all pretty ;) so nothing pokes out. Ah dame it, when in Rome let's leave a racing stripe to make me go faster...bugger went out the line's, best make it a Brazilian......

MY BAD!!!!!

What the fuck was I thinking

This is why I would NEVER make a good beautician!!!
The burn...omg the burn.  Now I know what it must feel like when the doctor says
You will feel a burning sensation if you have a STD.  
Hell on earth!!!
My girlie curtain's are not in a forgiving mood, they are letting me know very loudly how much I hurt them last night and that they wont be thanking me anytime soon.
Please note, while it wasn't a pretty sight, I by no mean's had Grizzle Adam's facial hair there so did not use the entire tube if you know what I mean.

That Word again


Today saw me start weights at the gym with a good friend who's a PT.
Last night, In bed I was totally shitting myself for what was going to come at 5am this morning.
Was I going to be strong enough, could I keep up with my fitter, younger friend who was also doing these sparrow fart sessions?
Lucky for me, I got my gym bag out, towel, clothes ect to prep myself cause I was useless as hell this morning.
Got up, put bra on back to front (yep...the Y bit that belongs at the back, well it was between my boobs...nioce) pants on arse about tit aswell, well atleast I got the right shoes on.
Got into the gym and got my shit started
OH crap 
You know its been far to long when you have 10kg's on your bar and your think *gulp..mama!!
All good 3 reps of crunches, squats, bar work...then chin ups on the machine.
Holly shit - I knew I was weak in my arms but crap after today I noticed how bad I really am in my upper body strength.  Just another thing to work my arse to fixing for the better.
Push ups are another swear word for me.  Bad knee's make for lots of crunching sound's BUT I tried and I did them...hoping to get better at them over the next 3 month's.
Then hello the treadmill...incline of 8 and at 8km's...oh man calves were screaming like mo fo's but it felt great.
I honestly had myself so worked up that it was going to be hard, that I wouldn't or couldn't do what was asked of me...I walked out thinking shit I did it...I actually bloody did it.

Who would of thought that this bitch could do something so good and love it.
I'm not going to be scared Tuesday night, I'm going to sleep cause on Wednesday I get to do it all over again.

That word again


What next for the week?
Set myself some goal's and work out a plan of attack.
I have intentions of doing lean and strong this next round...I need work on my strength, its piss pour at the moment but I will change it.
Have a hair appointment on Wednesday followed by my blood donating appointment.
I cant believe its been 3 months since I first donated.  Time goes so quickly.
I may even get the suitcase out ready for the week after
Wait, I think its still out from when I went away last...hmmm was i being lazy or was I just...

what was that word again
*wink wink

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  1. Bahaha. Your blog is brilliant. I am so glad I stumbled upon it.

    PS. I was a blood donor before I had kids. Great gift.

    Cass @