Monday, April 8, 2013

week 9 weekly surprise - Make the Impossible Possible!

This week your challenge is to tell me in written statement under 100 words OR in a 1 minute video how the 12WBT is helping you do things that you never thought you would be able to!

I want you to tell me how you have taken your life and shaken out the ordinary. How have you defied your own expectations and started achieving amazing (even extraordinary!) things?
What have I achieved in this program? Let me count the way's
Bah having shed 30kg's, losing 100cm from my body, making so many new and great friends.
Do I include my new positive state of mind, my will to try anything atleast once?
What about shedding myself of the negative influences I had in my life for far to long?
I have fallen and hurt myself, only to make myself get back up and try again.
Climbed a bloody big bridge to conquer my fear of it along with heights
Worked out with over 1000 other people even if the movements moved me ugly
Done push ups, squats and crunches that gave me DOM's for days afterwards.
Taught my children that there is a wonderful life on the other side of fence.  Rainbows, sunshine and lollipop worlds really do exist.
Recognised and repaired years of damage that ran through me.
Got to know me for the first time in years.
Learnt to say thank you and mean it.
Rekindled and improved my relationship with my husband.
Most of all......I learnt to love.
Not just my children, my environment, hubby or family and friends.  I learnt to love myself for who I am and what I have achieved.   Learnt to love that I love life, in its pureness and excepting what it has to give to me.

This LINK is a video that Wilhelm helped me submit on the forum for the weekly challenge.  I wanted to put all the above into it but gave myself one take.  I didn't want to rehearse it, I wanted it to be pure and natural.  I wanted to explain, with my little Mario's help of course, what my greatest achievement  has been.  Yes I ran the Mad cow, I live life...but my greatest achievement has been that I am a better mum for my children.  
I am here for them, 110% of the time, unconditionally, with love.

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