Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I had a dream.....

You know that one item that just gets you.
Doesn't matter if its shoes, a handbag, piece of bling or a dress.
That one piece that call's you
Even if its to small, looks like a bag of potatoes, is the wrong colour for everyone else


I have one of those things.
Its yellow, its full of lots of floaty fabric and its sort of calf shit yellow in colour.

My pretty yellow dress.

Bought back in May 2012 it hung in my cupboard for 6 long months.
I would take it out and cry because it wouldn't get over my arse.
She became one of those dressers that I hung to the back 'just incase' my body mysterically shrunk enough for me to squeeze into it.

Then my light in shining cotton did a blog posting about her yellow dress last year.
Taking picture week by week of her progress until magically one day her dress fit like a glass slipper.
My yellow dressed Princess lite a fire under my arse.
I to will wear my yellow dress to the ball!

This round of Michelle Bridges, I pulled my pretty, floaty yellow dress out from the back of the wardrobe.
I sat on the bed for the last time crying
Told my arse you are not going to stop me
And began operation I had a dream.
I was sceptical to be honest.
This shit might happen for others but you know, the fat girl doesn't get what she wants.
Its a dream...it will never happen.
So knuckling down, being consistent (being the word of the week) I began my mission

No I haven't been perfect, No I struggled with shit, No I didn't break any promises
Yes I tried, Yes I worked hard Yes I hated moments


Bit by bit
that top latch got closer and closer
until week 3 when I could do it up without cutting the circulation off from the boobs up

Then bit by bit
the zipper started working its way up until it reached the hip mark

and bit by bit that zipper creeped up until

It meet the top and meet its friend the latch!

9 weeks of eating healthy, walking 8 - 10kms a day with some running thrown in
3 weeks of doing a squat your arse challenge (OMG my arse and inner thighs HATE me right now)
9 weeks of doing the good life

No more sitting on the bed dreaming of the day
No more crying over it not fitting

Right now
I feel like I'm living a Disney movie
If you work hard, stay honest with yourself
Your dreams really do come true


  1. Love this!!! Love you! and love your yellow dress!! Thank you for doing this - you made it my girl and you made my round too :) Congratulations xoxo