Thursday, May 30, 2013

Half empty / half full - how about just skull the fucker?

Yes I'm pinching it...saw it...liked it.....stole it....cause that's how I sometimes roll.

What am I talking about???
Greg did an awesome post about reflecting over the last week ( I might add he stole it from someone else to which makes it even better)
Now click on  THIS  to take you there and you'll see exactly what I mean.

So many of us only see the negative, some of us only the positive.
I try to see the positive...oh fuck me I do but there are times when I just turn into nasty bitch Maz and feel like stabbing everyone and everything around me with a fucking blunt spoon.

Let me now, reflect with you my week since last saturday

Glass half full - Nik and Wil decided it was a great time to fight over how to open the already broken back door on the car resulting in Wil snapping the handle completely.  I then became THAT psycho mum everyone say's they never are!  Yeah the swearing, youre all a bunch of little shits mum.

Glass half full - Mat decided he would take the opportunity, right then and there, with both hands and commenced to call me a fucking bastard.  Yes laugh if you will but at the time, my heart was in my ears and foam was forming at my mouth.  Worst thing - there's no fucking naughty corner to put the little shit in, in the car either is there!!!

Glass full - Bought a skinny girl dress of the 12wbt buy,sell, swap page....size XL...I've never bought that size from crossroads before as and didn't expect it to fit (please see inner fat girl point below)
well guess what not only does it fit, its actually a little big for me.

Glass full - Rest day was exactly that - vegging out, doing jack shit.  My brain needed to be numb and well, the body just followed.  Sleep is Gooooooddddddd

Glass half full - bought my train ticket so I could get into Melbourne for next week's weekend away...stupidly bought the ticket for friday instead of thursday...epic fucking fail!!!

Glass full - 4.50am wake ups for 3 mornings in a row, in 0 degree temp's...double layers still didn't keep the cold at bay but it was good to feel alive and fresh.

Glass half full - being freezing cold all day cause the 35kg's you've lost doesn't heat your body any more and all you want to do is curl up into the fetal position and rock back and forth muttering, to cold, must get warm.

Glass full - Having a full schedule, kids, work and life makes for getting fitness in pretty shitfull at times.  Its either very early in the morning or late at night.  Sadly my local gym doesn't open the hours I need and my PT bless is her knacked so it was time to venture out, trust myself and believe in what Ive been taught.  New Gym, 24 hour came to the rescue.  BIG GLASS FULL moment at last nights first session when other girls in there stopped what they were doing to watch my training partner and I on the weights.  We don't do huge ones but out PT taught us to be consistent and respectful to our abilities and bodies so I guess these girls noticed.

Of course selfies were in order

Glass half full - hubby came home monday night and for the first time ever, complained that I made  lasagna because we've had it far to much lately.....hmmmmm 3 times in a month, ok!  All I wanted to do was pick up the fucking thing and throw it at the hell dare he bitch about what Ive fucking cooked! It healthy, full of veggies, the kids love it and Ive gotta go to work so suck it up bitch! Instead I told him well why don't you bloody cook then, I'm over this shit!  Stewing on it (yes this bitch is a stewer, fuck with me and I"ll plot your death 5 times over in a matter of the next year) I decided to get my cookjo on.   I made beef and veggie pies, seafood marinara and tonight he's getting home made bunless burgers.  If he doesn't like that he can kiss my big fat hair arse!

Glass full -  finally finished organising a girls weekend with some gorgeous girls.  We do it every year on the Queens Birthday weekend. We're basically a bunch of gal's who meet via an online forum years ago who get together, eat, drink, get merry and laugh until the cows come home.  I'm very confident that I wont over indulge, eat the 'wrong' things but I cant say the same for the alcohol that may be consumed.  Its still a big vice for me and I will try my hardest to be in control.  No doubt there may or may not be drunken toilet selfies again

Glass half full - inner fat girl came out this week...she's been in hiding for a while and felt the urge to reintroduce herself to me by telling me the new clothes I bought wouldn't fit cause I'm a size 26, my gutt was big and looked pregnant and my arse was bigger then the back of a jersey cow.  Yep didn't help that I bought a new pair of Black Milk Legging's and they were tight, my gutt flopped out over the top and I felt like the high I pulled them up, the more in your face my camel toe appear's.
(said Black Milk legging's)

 Bought a black dress to wear to Darwin and I saw ripples on the tops of my knee's....destructive fucking bitch this inner fat girl is.

She whispers all those old things to you know the word's, the soothing, its alright, it will make you feel better...well fuck you old fat girl, you DONT WIN!  I wont let you! Back the hell off and go back to the depth's of my past where you belong!!!

Glass half full - I don't know what it is but my second smallest toe has decided to say Hello Maz, I'm gonna make you pay for all those thousands of KM's yourve walked and ran in the last 18 months. Its painful, but tolerable...bit like childbirth I suppose. And before you say get to the doctors...I will one day. For the mean time, extra thick bandages and tender walking are in order

Glass full - chocolate drink by flavour...OHHHHH MY NOBBLY KNEE'S!  That stuff is just the bomb!  Only problem is you have to know when to say no more.  Some times to much of a good thing, fucks the good thing.

As for today

It isnt a Glass half full or a Glass full  day no no no  its not.  Its a just skull the fucker and get it over and done with kind of day.  Period - DOMS - headache - spectrum child who is telling me ever minute that he is Iron man whilst he is pretending to shoot god knows what out of his arm in sync with  jumping up and down on the spot....FML....pass my the vodka now please!!!

Tomorrow is a new day....isn't it?  Sunshine and lollie pop's - unicorns farting rainbows.....please say it's so.



  1. That is the funniest thing you have written and I know I should not have laughed at some of it but I fess up that I did.

    You little man must be made of the same stuff as you to have balls big enough to take on the Maz by swearing at her. I can see the steam coming out of your ears now.

  2. Ah Maz, I love your balanced approach to the week you've had this week. Wonder if your hormones helped it feel like such a fucking white knuckle roller coaster? Hope you felt better getting all that out - it was an awesome read. Oh and here's cheers to kicking the inner fat girl to the curb! She can take mine with her too lol.

    CAN. NOT. WAIT. for next weekend. We are gunna have so much fun!! x