Sunday, February 17, 2013

22kg's heavier 22kg's stronger

The eve before my 38th birthday 
I wanted to do something spectacular

Something to help me reflect on my progress and to remember where I came from.
I had at this point lost 30kg's (I've put a few back on since) and wanted to remember, physically as much as I could what that felt like.  I wanted to be able to feel how hard it was for me to work and be grateful for how much I had achieved in the past 14 months.   I get so caught up in eating correctly and getting my cal's burnt for the day that I sometimes forget how much I put in when I first changed.
How much my back hurt, how much I would sweat, how my heart felt it would explode in my ears and OMG how much my feet KILLED me.
But most of all, to feel that satisfaction of knowing that, yes I was 130 kg's and I got up, no matter what the weather was, no matter how disheartened I felt at my wednesday weigh in, no matter how much I didn't want to I just got off my arse and bloody did it!!
I hatched a plan.
I would gather supplies and pack a back pack as full as I could to get me as close as I could to 30kg's.
I would then put said back pack on and walk my 6.5km's, the same 6.5km's I walked when I started.

In my wisdom and without any actual weights, I searched the web and found out that 1kg is equivalent to 1L of fluid :)
Radding of the pantry commenced.
My weights for project spectacular were
3 x 4L tomato sauce bottles
2 x 2L sauce bottle
2 x 500ml sauce bottle
3 x 1L cordial bottles
total - 20L - 20kg's
I wanted to get more BUT my poor backpack couldn't hold anymore bottles
20kg's it would have to be

I was so excited that friday night...I had everything ready 
My husband thought I was completely nuts but then said that's just one of my traits.
I think he was more worried about me falling and hurting myself again more then anything.

4.55am my alarm beeped and I was up and rearing to go
I must admit, it was a struggle to put the back pack on. 
Walking down to the corner where I meet my walking partner knocked me for a six
I really didn't understand how heavy and draining it would be....well there was no backing out.
I was doing this no matter what.

Did I forget to mention I had 2kg worth of foot weights on.
Holly cow, it was only 2kg's but i was amazing. My feet felt so heavy from them.
No wonder I have lost a shoe size. 

This was a pit stop, 3.5km mark up on the high way.
I was knacked to say the least.
My back was sore, my legs ached and my shoulders felt like they would dislocate.
BUT I kept going....I said I was going to do it
Originally I wanted to walk the entire 2 lap's (which is approx 13km's) with the backpack on.
I honestly don't think I could of lasted that long.  my body was screaming for the weight to come of and My legs were travelling as fast as they could to get me to home to drop off the bag.
That feeling, when the bag comes off..well its almost organismic!  
Its amazing how light and floaty you a bird spreading its wings.
When that bag came of my back, a little of the old me came off to.  
I felt clearer, cleansed almost.
Its taken me some time to post since then because of what was going on in my head.
So many wall's have been knocked down and big paddocks of lovely grass and daisy's have been establish in those two weeks.
Its a sorrel feeling...tranquil and almost to good to be true.
I never thought that by going back to the old me, even for an hour I would have a light bulb moment.
The weight in my soul was free too.

After dropping the bag back home my walking buddy and I then traipsed on to walk a further 7.5km's together.

This is me not long after we went our own ways, she to her home and me to mine.
Looking at my fitness pal I noticed that I was 500m away from walking 15km's.
By this stage my feet were screaming at me for a soak, my legs had gone numb back some 5 km's ago and my toiletry need's had kicked in.
I passed my street entrance
100m past it...hello.....bad tummy ache and lots of natural gases letting me know that a potty will be needed sooner rather then later.

I was NOT turning back!
That  turtle just had to keep its bloody head up there and let me finish what I was doing!

After 3.10 hours
I walked 15.41km's - 6.5km's of that with an extra 22kg's on
I made it home
Sat on the loo and couldn't get off for 10 mins while the shaking and jelly feeling in my legs stopped
I did it!!!

The experience was helped me no end.
Ive proved to myself that 

I am capable

I am fit

I am strong

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