Monday, February 18, 2013

Mad Cowing it for my boy's

Everyone has their struggles. 
Their black days.
 Moments that you wish would just stop and rewind themselves.   
Things in life that we cant control.

When I fell pregnant with my second eldest I knew that I was carrying a special child.
Not just due to the lack of movement of my belly baby or the way I carried differently.
Something in me just told me that my baby was special.

I'll never forget the day he was born.
He had perfect skin, covered in a fine peachy fuzz and beautiful strawberry blonde hair.
He was so quiet, not saying a peep.  I let the sunlight bath him through the window and I swear he smiled there on his first day.  
He never liked  being picked up, he much preferred laying there, looking about the new world that was   exploding abut him. He seemed to take it in his stride
one day it cracked.
He began screaming all day and not sleeping at night.
He wouldnt look at me, rather concentrating on the wheels on his car spinning around and around for hours at a time.
There was no point trying to have a conversation with him.  He would only repeat the words you spoke.
I had far more success in gaining his eyes and searching them for his needs.
We had a non verbal way of communicating with my lap and my arms being his means of happiness.

At 2 years of age I took my special guy to my doctor and begged for a referral.
At 3 years old my special guy could read any word you put infront of him, spill out any web address you wanted and wrote like a 10 year old.  His drawing were spectacular and well beyond his years.
He was sitting in the lounge, rocking infront of the tv one day (aged 4) and simply stopped rocking to look at me and to say
I love you mum.
That day will remain one of the most happiest days of my life.

Yes, I am the proud mum of a very special guy.
His name is Wilhelm - he's 11 and autisim maybe part of his lifes but he wont let it rule it.

ASD has decided that another one of my children is special enough to have it present in his life.
Mateauz has just turned 5 and presents with aspergers aswell as having mild Cerebal Palsy.
I need about a week to blog about him.

This March long weekend Im biting the bullet.
After speaking to my hubby about doing the local Mad Cow - mini Tuff Mudder run Wilhelm walked out and said 
Mum you can do it, I believe in you.
I wasnt just doing this for me anymore, I was doing it for him.

Deciding with the girls to represent causes and associations we beleive in at the cow run
I decided to represent  Autism Spectrum Australia  and hope and pray to get donations up to $400 together for them.
My way of saying thank you for the help, guidance and sometimes shoulder that mum's like me need on our black days.
There are so many therapies, not just by the professional's that our kid's and families need that just arent funded.  Most families cant afford the mountain of money thats required for some of it.
So please, if you have a spare $2 please donate it to a wonderful organisation that helps families when they most need it. 

Wilhelm rocking his stuff out at a school concert          and                           my beautiful Mateauz

Mad Cow Run is held the long weekend in March (10th)
Mad Cow Run 2013 for more info


  1. You are a fucking champion Maz <3

  2. Love love love love love ... you are such a lucky mummy to have so many beautiful children, all of whom are incredibly special - but the fact that you fight for your children to have every opportunity to achieve their potential is so inspiring. Your children are so lucky and blessed to have you as a mummy xoxo