Saturday, February 16, 2013

Im a winner

2 blog post's in one day!!!!!
It must be something special

Isn't this every kid's dream? 
I saved my buttox off for it a few years ago so I could get it.  
They've had hours of fun, screaming, squelling and fighting to see who gets up first and who comes down the quickest.

For the first time since we have had it

I managed to get up the ladder section without making the entire structure collapse due to my weight.
Jed did hold the back of it up as precaution (nice to have over protective hubby) and because he remember's how bad it went down last year when I tried

I got not just my body around but my leg with my kaput knee not hurting.
2 big thumbs up from me not just for being up there without breaking the dame thing.
 I had room on either side of my butt AND I wasnt shitting myself cause of the height factor.
Yes I use to be scared of height's until I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb back in November last year.  Now.. heights pfffft bring it on!!!!

I did it.
All the while my kid's cheering and clapping in excitment!
Mum you are so much it again.
So I did - 5 times

Then it was my turn to cheer them on.
Ive had such an awesome day.
I cant take the smile from my face.
My kid's are happy that mum can come and do fun thing's with them.

And I feel like Ive won lotto.
Life is great
Live it with love


  1. So happy for you Maz - you are gorgeous and you look so happy and you deserve this so damn much xxx