Sunday, February 24, 2013


Its mad I tell you MAD!!!

I swore black and blue that I would NEVER keep a food journal.  
What for, I didn't need reminding of what I ate. 
Pfftt that shit is for wankers who want to are anal intentive.
Well blow me!  After this week, I think I may just become one!

I totally under estimated the power its given me.
For the entire week I wrote down exactly what I ate, drank and exercised.
I was honest with myself the entire time.  I have to say to write down that I had a sweet chilli wrap from MacDonald's made me feel shit, even worse when I wrote down that I had fries with it.  They were the absolutely tasteless and covered with salt, which Ive gotta say, I think is MacDonald's magic ploy!  Salt makes just about anything taste good, perhaps they have brain washing drugs laced in it?? Who knows.
I inhaled it so quickly that it didn't even register until I was back home, sitting on the loo clutching my sore tummy.

Instead of concentrating on the 'bad' foods 
I have decided to concentrate on the 'great' foods I ate instead

In the last 7 days I have consumed

8 x 600ml bottle of water 
37 x 200ml glasses of water

1kg of grapes
5  x apples
3 banana's
sushi 4 times 
5 tins of tuna
beef 3 times
chicken once
500 grams of Greek yogurt
1L of milk
Lots of salad including mixed lettuce, baby spinach leaves, grated beetroot and prunes

ohhh and add to that the 58km's I walked to make me feel good #smiley face

One thing the Michelle Bridges program has given me is confidence in cooking healthy food.
The site has a calorie counter that can help guide you with choices and it gives you great tips on what goes with this and that.
I am having a ball experimenting and for once in my life I'm playing with my food in a good way.  Ive even changed my German mum's thoughts on her traditional food's and she's opting and looking for healthier alternatives...shit she's managed to lose 15kg's in the same time I have...know how bloody proud I am off her!! 

Anyway here are some of the goodies Ive eaten this week, Ive become a bit of a food snapper, instagram whore with it all...if it tastes good and is good, why not share it I say

My yummy smoked tuna, baby spinach and grated beetroot corn wrap.
Ive become addicted to beetroot over the last few weeks.  I needed a change from grated carrot.
I find to that beetroot is nice and sweet so it kind of helps eliminate those sweet cravings.
I don't cook it, its raw, just peeled and grated quiet large.  Its filling and helps boost your iron, is a great blood booster and is considered great for detoxing the bad from your system.
Now before you screw your nose up and say ewww beetroot raw... try it.  

After reading my notes for the week I'm surprised I haven't turned into sushi.
4 times in 1 week....MAN!!! addicted much *giggle*
I really do love it.
Nori is a fantastic source of B-12 and had a high count of protein.
top that off with come cucumber, avocado and salmon and.....

Need I say more

And of my mixed salad.
Mixed green salad, baby Roma tomatoes, continental cucumber
avocado, sunflower seeds, pelota, pitted prunes and shredded chicken.
Ive only just discovered pitted prunes after going out for lunch with some friends last week.
I was hesitant when I ordered the salad because Ive never had them before so bite the bullet.
My god I felt like an explosion of flavours were tangoing in my mouth.
I had to have them, I had to get me some prunes.  They have more beneficial antioxidants than any other fruit and if you eat to many of them you become really great friends with the loo  so keep them in moderation.

I did notice a bad feature about my consumption this last week
I defently don't drink  enough water.  I'm hoping that by writing down my intake that I will drink more as its making me more aware.
I have had a few little treats here and there and I have counted them into my calorie intake for the week.
Its all about control and moderation...and if it means becoming anal intentive sign me up


  1. 9& 1/2 months of daily entering MFP and I'm not sure I could stop now ! It really does make you stop and think about eating something when you know it ha to go in MFP :)

  2. Thanks for your post Maz, I am going to concentrate on this this week, I know its the one place I am letting myself down, as they say you can't out exercise a bad diet .