Friday, February 22, 2013

A week of fit me

This is my 4.30am face.
No make up, no brushed hair.
 Eye chunked madness, crusty mouthed me.
This is my morning glory.
My happy face for the day
That's right I am one of those mad bitches who gets herself out of bed at 4.30am every morning just to get up, spend a few hours in the fresh air so I can move my arse.
No I don't climb mountains, run marathon's or do 1000 burpee's.

I walk 9km's most morning's and have this spectacular view of the morning waking up
Sometimes, if my knee let's me, I run from one light post to the other and rotate it with a brisk walk to the next one.  I remember when I started, I couldn't make it half way between light I can run 1km.
I love feeling the blood pump through my hands, stopping them from swelling.  Feeling my body become alive with each foot step that reaches the ground.
Listening to my heart pounding a rhythm of awareness and self satisfaction in my ears
and breathing life into my lungs.

I don't go to the gym.
I use what I have at home to do the best for me.
My coffee table becomes my bench.  
I do crunches, back squats, running jumps with its help.
My 4L tomato sauce bottles are my weights, 
filled with water and sloshing with each back reach I do.
I started doing 10 and falling in a I can push myself to do 50.

I've just been introduced to the pleasure of DVD's due to a group challenge this week.
These things have NOTHING over the classes I have done.
No need for a complete gym outfit.
Nope sports bra and compression pants at 10 o'clock 
My gunt could sing to its heart content, flopping its heart out without any judgmental eyes peering.
It wasn't attractive, it was messy but seeing my reflection on the picture of my family made me feel like a million dollars.

Will I do it again next week

As much as my body ached for 3 days after the DVD.  My DOM's came up and strangled my limb's letting me know that they were there and needed to be recognised.

What's life without challenges, without feeling a bit of pain.

Here's to rest day I say :) and a beginning of a new week Monday

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  1. Awesome is what you are !!! And you already have amazing photos for this weeks challenge :)