Monday, March 25, 2013

30 day's of squating.....ohh my thighs!!

This is my challenge atm
30 days worth of squating
What I want that little peekaboo peep hole like pictured??
Do I want an arse of steel?

I defently want an know, one that is defined by not being joined to my thighs, one that has a break from my back and a nice...round curve 
One that has a line of destinction and not of wobble

Im into day 4 - rest day.  Praise the Lord!!!!
Walking this morning I felt like I pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek.
What the hell is that?  Is that it?  After grunting my way through these bastard of a things!
Why the hell are my thighs screaming PAIN when im bending down for shit now?
Why is that area effected and not my butt?  Brain is clicking in, their all joined right? 
Maybe it will owkr its way upwards??
Making matters worse, I've given myself the task of doing the same amount of crunches as squats.
Yeah Im in a world of fun at the moment.
NO pain NO gain right?
Here's an eviction notice that roll of cellulited fat that has been squating far to long on my inner thighs
You now have 26 day's or you'll be terminated!

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  1. Love this, and love how feisty you are Maz, you'll be smashing them out in no time.