Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week four blues...say what??

Week four.
Its the time when you sit back and think shit what has happened this round?  Have I pulled up good, lost cm's, lost weight or have I gained in the fitness department, gained strength in my mind.
I decided to get my measurements and fitness out of the way this morning...why not start the week right ..yeah.
Have felt a bit flat...more then likely to the madness of working nearly every night last week and having a very emotional 6 year old wanting me flat out yesterday.
Put on my little inny weeny bikini and looked in the mirror and saw nothing difference in my body, gunt still saying hello *sigh*.
Got my measuring  tape out and there's a little difference but nothing huge..*another sigh*
I am pleased though, I am eating so well, drinking a minimum of 2L of water a day and still haven't touched coffee or alcohol.
Perhaps I'm eating a little 2 well....perhaps my portion sizes are increasing a little to much and maybe picking whilst making dinner isn't helping.......just maybe
New game plan!!  Back to eating of the small plates and drinking a glass of water after every time I go to the loo.  Kicking my willpower muscle fair in the butt might help aswell.  NO more picking maz!!!

Start Week

  • Push Ups (Toes)
  • Push Ups (Knees)
  • Sit Reach (cm)
  • Time Trial (min:sec)
  • Wall Sit (min:sec)

These are my stat's today.

  • Push Ups (Toes)
  • Push Ups (Knees)
  • Sit Reach (cm)
  • Time Trial (min:sec)
  • Wall Sit (min:sec)

Push ups. hmmmmmmm.  Since my fall my knee's creak and hurt like a bitch if I put pressure on them. I'm such a baby when it comes to them. Seriously though I'm frightened as hell of hurting them anymore.  A simple wrong twist of the leg had shooting pain right through my knee down to my toes.
So after my piss pour effort in starting week I bite the bullet and bought a work out mat ready for week 4. Well tickle me sideways!! 22 push ups!!  The knee's still creaked like hell BUT there was no pain.  Why the hell didn't I buy one of these bloody mat's beforehand?

Wall sit...ahhh wall sit.  pfft stupid, sitting up against the wall shit, who does that crap??!!   WHY do that crap??!!! My leg's are hurting...why am I doing this stupid shit legs...ahhh did I mention my leg's

Sound familiar???  Yep that was me, moaning bitch maz. Today I didn't care, I told that moaning bitch to stay the hell away from the kitchen and let me do my thing!  1.15min's...bloody hell yes!! Over 1 min! *air punch baby

Time trial.
To be honest..Ive been scared shitless to run.  I trip over the edges of footpaths even when I'm walking. It really scared the crap out of me when I fell over, not as much at the time but the following month, when my knee would click, the swelling and bruising came out.  The slight movements went shearing pain through my body. In hindsight a trip to the doctor's at the least would of been a really good move but me being me Id rather run the other way.
Ive tried a few times to jog/run and Ive been in pain for days afterwards. One step forward, 5 steps back.  I refused to let it get the better of way mate, dib's on I wasn't going to let this get the better of me.  I tried to run for the first time trial and the pain afterwards was worse the man flue!!!

I did my normal sparrow fart walk with my walking pal and noted to her that I'll have to do my time trial this week.  I also told her where I had to do it from and how I was worried about running.  She is such an awesome and positive influence...where had she been all my life.  She's like, yep cool we can do it when your ready.
Driving my amigo's to school I took note of where I thought my 1km started from to home...OMG It wasn't 1km, it was peeved. Id under cut my time trial AND thinking even more about it I got a crap time for should of been more.  RIGHT!!!!  Today, after my babies were at school and kinder I thought to my self its now! DO IT NOW!!!  Fire was in my belly, I was pissed at my misjudgement of distance and my time.
Off I set to the other distance I know was 1km.  It was heading out of town, country road but no footpaths to trip over.  I set off thinking shit, there's gravel....what if I slip...what if....ahhhh shut up do it woman!
Whilst I couldn't run the entire 1km (probably 3/4 of it) I did it. I smashed my week 1 trial time and did an entire 1km.  BOO YEAH!!!  I feel alive knee was wonderful, no pain (we wont talk about the little toe that's read raw from wearing crap shoes).  My lungs were full and my heart was beating nice and fast....ahhh LOVE IT! Running how Ive missed you.

Ive walked 187.13km's in the last month
Ive run 2km's
Ive started doing fitness DVD's

Ive pushed myself
Ive proven my moaning bitch maz wrong.

Life is for living

Live it and be happy

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