Monday, November 26, 2012

Can can dancing ohh yeah

I'm having one of those HAPPY days today

This is what goes through my head on days like today

So much discussion between my husband and I.
Ive done alot of thinking...and then some more.
I'm over analysing all the facets in my life.
I'm over making life harder then it has to be.

If one thing the last 11 months has taught me is that life can be way less complicated then it is.
Why the hell run around like a chook with no head when you know you need eyes to find it.
I use to use my work as my escape.  
Stress would get the better of me and the machines would come out and created my little heart out.
I have noticed lately that work causes me more stress then needed.
While I'm sitting making items for others my family are missing out on my time.
While I am on the computer doing admin stuff my husband misses our time.
While I am answering email after email and getting bitched about by other WAHM's due to their expectations 
my soul misses my time.

For the first time in 6 years I have realised that life is for living.
Not for sitting, dwelling on the workload.

2013 is going to see lots of positive changes
and they are all for 


  1. That's great news Maz & you & your little family will be all the better for it :)