Monday, November 12, 2012

numbers schumbers

I realise that being on the MB program I have to weigh in and measure myself.

Yes I'm competitive and would one day love to see an 'my inspiration' post in the forum with my name attached :P (come on who does wanna see that ) and after reading lots of the post's from other's it seems losing weight is a big factor to why people are inspiring.
Happily there's so much more to it.

Yes I would love to weight 75kg's

Yes I would love to wear size 12 clothes and have a 80cm waist


atm I am in a happy place 

Happy that size 18 fits me and that I have 4 bags of size 24 - 26 clothes sitting to go to the op shop

Happy that I have energy and the will to try to do anything in my life I set my mind to

Happy so many of my friends have taken control over their lives and joined the revolution of being healthy

Please note - not actual friends

please note - THESE are some of my actual friends

This morning saw me take my end of round three pic for comparison

bammm bammm bammmmmmm

Why hellooooo shrinking gunt :)

I was trying not to focus to much on overall weight lose this round although it would of been a bonus. 5kg's gone to be exact making it 25kg's since I began.
This round was more of concentrating on trying to decrease the size of that useless flap that hangs not so much over my va ja ja now :)
Yes VA JA JA.....I found it again...forgot what it looked like for such a long time. 
Ive re learnt how to use it to much to hubbies joy #giggleliketwist
Worrying thing was when I ran or jumped I hear I could hear it banging on.  Not so much now. 
Compression pants do wonders mind you lol

So on that note of excitement I will leave you with this picture of myself
with hopes that I can get back here before I fly off to Sydney on Friday for the end of finale workout and party.


love, peace and mungbeans to all

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  1. Oh Maz My hero!!! I too have that horrid hang which I'm pleased to say is shrinking just not as quickly as I'd like. I'm not as brave as you though and NEVER show it to anyone... I find it makes me feel unsexy and hideous and its why I have such low self confidence.

    Here is to the reduction if not elimination of Belly flap, mothers aprons, overhang or what ever name you have for it!!

    Keep up t he awesome work hun... I'm down 18kgs and hoping for another 13. Hubby is always commenting on my weight loss but I'm not done and still feel fat and frumpy. My goal is 70-75kgs and a size 12 (at a 14 now from JUST fitting an 18-20