Friday, November 9, 2012

What shall Cinderella wear to the ball?


I use to bitch about not having anyhting to wear when I was a size 26.
bloody hell its worse now that im an 18.  
My boob's dont fit in things *angry face*

After searching the web I found this beautiful floor length floating number
HELLO boobs introducing themselves a week before I enter the room
Hubby of course thinks its so know where he wants me to wear it 

This little number looked so much more attractive on the little thin stick model
wearing it on the monitor then it does me.
My boob's hold it up quiet nicely though .. you have to agree 
and its nice and FLUFFY but allas not me

Then I did go trolling the City Chic site and OMG found this little gorgeous get up.
BUT I think it doesnt show off any boob at all..cant win can I *headbutts arse*
please note sexy legs they have come out to play *wolf whistle*

Today another dream dress comes in the mail
If I dont look like a wanna be actor doing porno's before my big screen break.....
I dont know what 
Of course hubby is only to happy to tell me how great I look
yes honey...even though my nipples are peeking out and nicely saying
hello ladies


Im thinking I may just have to wear the above...atleast those important will know im part of the 30+ group and I wont be missed :P

7 more sleeps and if all else fails....its potatoe sacks at 10 paces

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