Friday, November 9, 2012

McHappy day what it means to me

Yes...I bought, I ate and enjoyed a big mac!!!
Its junk food!!!
How could I.
Well follow me..

A big mac has 493 cal's.
That's pretty huge right considering a meal on the 12mbt  is max 300cal's.
I try my hardest to stick to the 1200 cal's a day rule and this is nearly half of my cal intake for the day.
Let me tell you a little secret 
Saturdays is treat meal day #happydancefreak
Which in english terms means that I can have a 600cal meal on this holly day
I simply swapped around my dinner and lunch cal count around.
So tonight instead of a big meal, I'll have a platter of fruit and a small piece of chicken.

I will let you know
Right now
Im feeling VERY seedy.
Im not use to eating this type of food anymore
every McHappy day my babies and I head to Macca's and buy some Big Mac's
Why you ask....

Many moons ago a man, lets call him Jed and a woman, lets call her Maz got a little crazy and thought
hell why not expand our family.
After miscarrying twins they thought they would wait as thier heart were in pain not having their Willow and Sunni with them.
After Maz not having her period for a long time and feeling sick a test revealed that the decision was taken out of their hands.
Many ultra sounds revealed that a little girl would be completing their family.  Kryztell was going to make her entrance mid January.
Christmas came and a very sick and swollen Maz went to the hospital with extremely high blood emergency ultra sound revealed that Kryztell has actually grown quiet a large 'member' and from that moment on was renamed Mateauz.
Maz on the other hand was told to come in for daily morning monitoring and then told she had to wait until the 8th of January for this little man to come earth side.
Meanwhile, little did we know nasty blood clots were invading Mateauz while in utero and causing all sorts of trouble.

Mateauz was a very blue baby....the picture above was taken by my best friend..he was restless, crying in pain and miserable.

At 10 days of age we were rushed to the children's hospital in Melbourne due to these nasty blood clots rupturing and killing of parts of his brain.  I was told not to expect him to live past 3 months due to the severity off them.
For 5 weeks I stayed at the Royal Children's Hospital, by his side and had nothing but help and support by everyone there.
Ronald MacDonald helped house me in that time. I was alone and had nothing but the security that they gave me to be near my baby.

3 months later I was told not to expect him to crawl, let alone walk on his own.

Here is is today
2 months shy of turning 5
He has set backs....he has only just recently began talking
He no longer wears a nappy through the day
Drawing is something that is kicking in slowly

I have massaged him
Danced, jiggled and stretched with him
We sing, repeat words and read constantly

I try to display correct behaviours, eating and most of all love.

McHappy day means more to me then calories and a big mac.
McHappy day allows me to reflect on all the goodness that the world has.  That someone who has a major position in a company, gave enough off the love in their heart to help those of us who need it.

I will be forever thankful for what they gave without wanting anything in return.

McHappy day everyone

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