Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red flag weekend....I WIN!!!

well well.
My first red flag weekend this round.
Melbourne trip for work and celebrating my best friends birthday with drinks, dinner and the movies.

How have I come out on the other side of it???
Lets start from Friday night shall we.

Sucker mum bought the kids Pizza Hut pizza's Friday you realise how much that shit makes my mouth water and my inner FEED MY FAT bitch come out to play??!!
But my urge and WILL made me turn around, make myself a nice salad and a tin of tuna.

Driving to my destination was another challenge.  Normal travel food it essential for know, few m & m's, chips, pringals, bottle of pepsi max.......this time. NOTHING!

Saturday saw me getting my arse up and out to Cole's at 6am to buy 2 banana's, 2 apples, 1 breakfast on the go yogurt and one fruit and yogurt for lunch.  I cant believe how full and happy I was to eat this all Day with my 2L bottle of water.  I had the temptation of the coffee van and its cookie, cake and takeaway goodness calling me through the window but nope.....I turned my back, closed the curtain and kept doing my job.

That night I had a beautiful evening with some gorgeous and special girls in my life.  Hogs breath was the dinner of choice.  I asked for a grilled steak with cal rings, salad with NO dressing and half the amount of curly fries normally given.  I ordered a mock tail, sticking to my no alcohol promise I made.  Bloody hard watching the girls drinking their yummy looking cocktails but nope....didn't budge.  Dinner came and of course my salad had dressing....whats a girl to do...ask for a clean salad.  Yep, I surely did and received it with a smile...silently I bet the chef spat in it these bloody customers and their stupid least his spit wouldn't have calories in it.  I continued to eat my yummy meal and washed it down with more water.

Off to have coffee and chat while we waited for out movie....I coffee ordered, half strength, lite milk NO SUGAR latte.....nom nom nom.  I never realised coffee tasted so good and how much sugar covers the pureness and taste of some foods.

Movies was another ball popcorn did I order, no malteasers, no donuts...even though it was my first time in gold class, no I was content with my bottle of water.  I did almost god the lure of BBQ chips got to me a little and thank the LORD for my bestie who said 'no maz you DON'T need the chips'.  Know what, she was absolutely right and I didn't need them.  Lucky for her our chairs were a distance a part otherwise I would of snuggled her with thanks half way through the movie.
It wasn't probably was the hardest part of the weekend...watching people order food I normally would have eaten and gorged myself on other things..shit me I was in first class and didn't even have a drink for fuck sake!!! What the hell.
Nope..just another

Today I drove back to Cole's, got myself some more yogurt, some fruit and veggies before heading home to cut and have ready to eat in the car.

I had a revelation on the Hume between my tired eyes and carrot sticks.
Gone is the gourger, the lets eat just cause we can...may not taste great but we'll eat it anyway girl.
You now the one...the girl who see's food and just snorts it up without hesitation and then sits there afterwards complaining of heart burn when really its her inner healthy telling her WOOOOOAAAHH what the fuck did you just do to me?!  Where she would inhale the contents of her plate and the left overs of her friends without the blink of an eye and in the process forget what it tasted like because she needed to get it in her belly.  Where food held no enjoyment bar to feed the brain rather then nourish body. Feeding that addiction to food that your brain tells you EAT when all the time your body is screaming HELP ME.
I sat in my car, picked up a celery stick god I hate you and bite into it only to discover an explosion of taste that made me feel higher then I did on the Sydney Harbour bridge.
What the hell have I been missing out on with my food?  I feel like Ive just woken up and rediscovered some parts of the world.
WIN WIN fucking WIN!!!!!

Ive said for a while that I feel like I'm reborn again since I began my new lifestyle.
This round, I feel like I've been given second chance's as I can reflect now on what was and what can be.
To say I'm loving it, is an understatement.  Life is good...enjoy it


  1. Oh WOW!!! FanFreakingTastic!!! A massive win that you need to celebrate in a BIG way!!!

  2. that is seriously awesome! to be able to withstand so many temptations and not make any excuses for why it would be okay just to indulge in one or two things shows what a super long way you have travelled in this journey so far. excuse me while i bookmark this post so i can come back to it time & time again when my inner (and currently outer) fat bitch tells me to eat everything i can get my hands on. you rock.