Monday, November 12, 2012

the 'commitment' post Round 4

Every round we are required to make a commitment post.
Honestly, I find this shit hard. 
The less I think about it the easier it is for me.
as I want and IM GOING to kick arse this round I am doing what Im told 

Here is my commitment....Maz style 

  Never again will I hide behind my sad smile
Never again will the discomfort of my guilt of having a unhealth life interfer with happiness.
Where the hell did I leave that top and growth under my chin????

I will continue to nurish my body with good, healthy food.
        Drink water and allow it to cleanse the toxin's stored within.
Sadly that means as off day 1 - round 4 


I will continue to focus on using my energy in a postive manner.
I aim to follow the 10K program this round and attend my first fun run in January 2013
God help me, im going to bloody run atleast 5km's straight if its going to kill me

I will continue to have fun, try new things and laugh doing it
This may include buying new clothes,
getting a massage and perhaps a facial

All while keeping my shit together
no matter where I am

Most of all, I commit to keeping happy
and  trying to being a good rolemodel to my children in the process.


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